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earhtmother 02-23-2020 03:52 AM

Small/micro pellet preferences
I'm looking for a.good reasonable priced pellet for Rasboras, Red Pencils and Hatchets. They love their Bug Bites but would like to have a *basic* pellet as well.

SaraB 02-23-2020 07:26 AM

I also use the bug bite pellets (my tetras love it), but instead of 2 types of pellet I use some basic tropical flakes as well. This way all my fish have a chance to eat before they hit the ground.

earhtmother 02-23-2020 08:42 AM

Yeah I'm trying to get away from flakes because of the mess they create, uneaten pellets don't seem to do that. I had some small pellets but I threw ouf the container and now need to source new ones

Autumnsky 02-25-2020 11:06 PM

Hikari Guppy food Japan nice and small.

Hikari Micro Pellets food is easily rubbed between fingers to break up. The one I have been using the most over the years, but now found the Guppy food it breaks up a little , I think the other Micro pellets break nicely, some tiny some med and regular size when you do a quick roll back and forth with thumb and forefinger while sprinkling in.

When there have been very small Boraras Brigittae aka Chili Rasboras and the other tiny fish, I have used a tiny flat end of a tooth pic or pointy if you have few fish, amount of Hikari first bites.

It is sooooo easy to over feed this food because of it being so fine. In the long past I have lost some of these tiny fish because not understanding how small their mouths really are, even when nearly grown.

Hikari is not the very finest content of ingredients, more filler than I would appreciate, maybe it is needed for their special processing, it is a good staple.

I have much less concerns with poor water quality, never ammonia spikes when fed normally and solid health of fish. I feed a large number of foods, love frozen, but expensive comparatively, freeze dried and also I try to stay away from flaked food in general mainly due to fouling of the water and messing with my parameters.

Planning to try a couple new foods next week, already spent the budget of stuff this week.

earhtmother 02-26-2020 05:40 AM

Thanks Autumn I was hoping you'd pop in as you seem to keep *similar* fish so would have an *personal* opinion. I have become an anti flake person for the same water fouling reasoning. It seems my Cories and Hoplo prefer pellets and do a MUCH better job of cleaning them up than flakes. I'm Canadian so I am tryin the NorthFin Community pellets as the area rep who happens to be a member of my club said they are pretty small. I had bought Nutrafin Max but it is HUGE and after seeing the Hatchets swimming around *holding* one as opposed to eating it, it has gone into the fish food peppermill which makes it smaller than I'd like but at least now its edible. Id really like to try some frozen, but hubby has put his foot down and said I can't buy the fish a freezer and mine is full of human stuff[emoji854]

Autumnsky 02-26-2020 12:03 PM

Guilty, I have my own mini fridge and and a space for fish food. You could buy one specifically sized / marked container for your food packs to live in..... ; ) packs are all similarly sized. Previously used a zip bag in the regular fridge freezer, but you'd have thought the fish food bag contained biohazard. Hahaha. :/

Autumnsky 02-26-2020 12:06 PM

Frozen baby Brine shrimp is amazing!

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