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Fishguy123 03-08-2020 03:45 AM

Bristlenose Pleco help any advise is welcomed
Hello everyone

I have a two year old female bristle nose pleco that is not eating or moving much. Seven days ago I put her favorite food in zucchini but in the morning I noticed it wasnít touched. I did a fish take clean and took out about 75% of water thinking maybe that would make her feel better and of course the next night I threw in a carrot to see if she would take that but with no luck she didnít touch it so my final step was I went to amazon and bought woodwafers and garlic seachem to see if she would maybe nibble on those... she didnít. Iím worried, I came home today and found her on her back and almost had a heart attack that she was gone but when I went for her she moved away so that was a relief but sheís still not eating and I donít wanna lose my little baby. ( all food is always organic)

I checked her mouth it looks opened nothing is stuck and her belly looks fine.
My tank is a 55 gallon planted tank the Bristlenose and ten neon tetras are the only thing in my tank, the tetras are fine eating and acting normal. My tank has been set up for 3 years now and Iíve always had perfect water that I donít often check it, but when I did check it everything was normal. My problem is this is a strong fish she attacks her food when shes fed, sheís always out even during lights on, sheís always active. I donít understand why sheís gonna leave me like this?

Flyfisher 03-08-2020 09:41 PM

A few questions that might help us understand what is going on.
Is there wood in the tank ? What is your normal water change routine?
What is “perfect water” and “everything was normal “ . Ppm would help me.
You write “all food is always organic “Does that mean you don’t feed algae pellets at night. With a few blood worms from time to time.
Sorry I have not seen organic fish food in Australia.
How big is she? At 12 months they can be 4 inches or more. Is she wide at the shoulders . A photo might help.

I come from the school of thought that 50% is a maximum water change. Followed by another a few hours later in an emergency.
Without wanting to sound rude why would you do a 75% water change if you change water regularly?

Autumnsky 04-04-2020 01:59 AM

Does the Pleco have real driftwood in the tank? Most need to rasp /eat wood to digest things well, as I understand it.

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