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Myles26 03-09-2020 02:30 PM

Best Way to Vacuum Large Stone Substrate?
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Hello Everyone,

I'm fairly new to the hobby and aquascaped my 37 gallon tank with small, medium and large limestone/sandstone stones. While it looks great I'm finding it's not very practical when it comes to vacuuming. I have a medium sized gravel cleaner with a one and a half inch diameter tube and I find it does not suck up the debris from the nooks and crevices between the stones. I should also mention that I laid egg crate down underneath everything for support and the stones are piled about 3 inches high on top. I did this so I could create some caves underneath some larger rocks. I vacuum and do a 20 percent water change weekly. I periodically spot clean the water column with a snuffer bottle if I see something floating around too.

My question is is there something better on the market or a better way to accomplish what I'm trying to do?

Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you!

Delapool 03-09-2020 07:43 PM

Following along - I must confess Iíve avoided pebbles for the reason you are finding so interested if there is anything on market.

Only idea was filling in with fine sand.

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