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Susain 03-22-2020 01:45 PM

Persistent cloudy water
Iím not new to this. Iíve maintained fresh water tanks for forty years, and Iíve always had clear water. But this one has suffered from cloudy/brackish water since I set it up almost two years ago. Small five-gallon with seemingly excellent filtration. Iíve emptied and cleaned it. Within a day it clouds up again. Iíve let it run for ages with the cloudy water, waiting for the good bacteria to kick in. Doesnít happen. Itís not particulate matter. Clarifiers donít work. Itís not over-feeding or dead fish or any other organic materials. It doesnít look like bacterial bloom. Iíve used tap water and filtered water. No difference.

So I took it apart. Cleaned it all. New filters. New treated water. No gravel. Just two minnows. Within two days it is cloudy again. Based on past performance I donít have much confidence that itís going to clear up. Is there such a thing as too much aeration? Iím new to Denver. Does altitude affect performance? Minerals in the water? Iím stumped.

1midniterider 03-22-2020 06:38 PM

Sounds like you started the nitrogen cycle all over again. Have you checked ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels?

rlederer 03-23-2020 12:45 PM

Set it up again but no fish this time. If it's cloudy, it's a problem with the water supply. If it's clear, add fish. If it then gets cloudy, it's likely a bacterial bloom from not cycling the tank.

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