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Arrow1oo 03-22-2020 02:13 PM

Stocking help
So I have a cycled 55gallon (48x19x12) inches.

Started as a noob with tiger Barb's but I've learned that stocking with them is very hard and I'm most likely going to get rid of them (even though they're very very cool).

Either way, it's a family tank and these 3 fish need to stay regardless:

1 angel fish
7 Cory cats
1 albino rainbow shark

So I'm looking at possible stocking to work with this. I'm planning on planting the tank soon and will desginatr a suitable cave for the shark and try to limit his sight lines with plants and what not.

I've also heard putting his cave slightly elevated or below elevation may help me be able to keep other bottom dwellers.

I have 2 stockings in mind that I'm willing to try but I'm also open to other suggestions or comments. First post here so help me out!

Stock 1:
- 1 angel fish
- 7 Cory cats
- 1 albino rainbow shark
- 3 pearl gourami (1m2f)
- 10-15 rummy nose
- another small school/pleco/oto cats/bottom dweller

Stock 2:
- 1 angel fish
- 7 Cory cats
- 1 albino rainbow shark
- 6 boesemani rainbows (3m3f)
- 10-15 rummy nose

Stock 3 (keep the tiger Barb's)
- 1 angel fish (he's okay for now with them but I feel they'll be worse when they mature)
- 7 Cory cats
- 1 albino rainbow shark
- 9 tiger Barb's
- 7-10 cherry Barb's
- small school of suitable tetra / bottom dweller

I appreciate any help as I really want to find the least problematic stock. First tank so I'm always worried lol

SaraB 03-23-2020 06:41 AM

I wouldn't keep the tiger barbs with the...well anything, they can be aggressive jerks. If you have to keep those 3 fish why not buy more angelfish and call it a tank? Keep in mind that the angelfish you have might eat any smaller schooling fish that you want.
I've never had a rainbow shark so I can't tell you anything about it.

rlederer 03-23-2020 12:38 PM

I agree that you should get more angelfish. They are less aggressive in groups. Even if they pair up and become more aggressive, they tend to defend only a small area.

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