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PandaCory 03-22-2020 09:54 PM

Stocking Help
I have a 55 (long) gallon aquarium and I was wondering if my tank if possibly overstocked? I work with the manager at a local fish store when I was coming up with stocking ideals for my 55 gallon (I also have a 10 gallon but that's for my Betta).

She tells me I'm not overstocked but lately the reason I'm wondering is, is because my 55 never seems to be crystal clear or clear it always looks a little hazy.

I take my water in for daily water checks and the levels always check out in range (I haven't been able to the past couple of days because the fish store temp closed due to the virus going around.)

I also do water changes partial every two weeks.


QuietFlow LED Pro 75 Aquarium Power Filter
Length: 55.38 IN
Height: 22.63 IN
Width: 14.5 IN

Here's what I have in the tank:

- 2 Dojo Loaches
- 1 Black Kuhli Loach
- 1 Pictus Catfish
- 1 CometGoldfish
- 1 Fantail Goldfish
- 4 Black Neon Tetras
- 3 Serpae Tetras
- 3 Albino Tiger Barbs
- 3 Cherry Barbs
- 3 Platy Fish
- 1 Small Common Pleco(I was also looking into getting a ropefish.)

Autumnsky 03-23-2020 02:25 AM

You have a wide variation of different fish requirements. Not all the fish should be together. You might try a tropical tank AND a cool ("cold") water tank.

First, you need actual numbers for the water parameters.

KH /Calcium / Alkalinity

Cloudy water is indicative of too much ammonia in the water caused by either, or too much waste from fish or from rotting food.

Goldfish are generally not kept together with warmer water enjoying tropical fish.

Platy, Goldfish and Dojos, temperature wise the Ropefish also, need similar water temperatures mid 70F, though not really usually seen in the same tank.

Are familiar with the nitrification cycle?

You would likely be doing the fish a favor by doing at least 30% pwc every week (maybe more). Using a liquid test kit is the best to keep tabs on the water quality.

Goldfish are big polluters and like to eat a few times a day, thus making a Goldfish tank something which needs lots of water changes.

rlederer 03-23-2020 12:43 PM

Too many fish with too different requirements. I'd get rid of the goldfish as they need cooler water and I'd get rid of the tiger barbs as they are too aggressive. Then up your schools of tetras and cherry barbs to at least six.
Cloudy water means you have a bacterial bloom from too many nutrients in the tank. Need to change water frequently and test for ammonia.

KaylNeko 03-30-2020 05:30 PM

Agreed, and you'll also want to increase your kuhli loaches-- they like company more than the dojos do.

Is the dojo a golden dojo or a gray dojo? I ask because the goldens don't get much bigger than 4 inches or so but the grays can reach 10-12 and won't be particularly comfortable in a 55 gallon at full size. Be prepared to rehome the pleco as he grows as well, as they get huge. If I remember right, ropefish can be aggressive? Check into that before getting one if you like your smaller fish.

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