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madimoe10 03-25-2020 05:43 PM

Hi! Does anyone have any experience with having only male guppies in a tank? I have a ten gallon tank and I plan on having 4-6 guppies, 2 netrite snails, and 2-3 (I haven't decided) ADF's. I don't want to deal with fry ideally..

Autumnsky 03-26-2020 02:39 AM

Yes, I have (3 tanks now) and had several before. It works great. If you get a bully fish usually not an issue, remove him to another tank or exchange him for a different Guppy.

Autumnsky 03-26-2020 02:41 AM

3 of my tanks have Endler and Guppy males. Just ended up like that as happened when I bought them. Ideally would like to switch and put the male Endlers in one place and the rest of the male Guppies in my big tank.

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