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Clockwork-Crow 10-06-2020 06:24 PM

Cory stocking in a 20*10 14 gal
I am currently cycling a 14 gal planted, for which I intend to get a betta and a shoal of corys. Ideally I want to get 9/10 cory habrosus, but whether or not my LFS will be able to order them in is uncertain, so I was wondering what is the maximum number of julii cory's I could get? Because cory's do much better in larger groups I want to optimise the space:numbers tradeoff to maximise happiness. Tank is being filtered using a Marina I110, designed for tanks about 1.4 times the size of mine, and is well planted.

(I'm considering ordering habrosus online but it's a >40 investment and so I would like to be able to individually verify that each fish is healthy before getting them)

Ktownmatt 10-21-2020 03:13 PM

Those Cories are pretty small. I think you'll be fine with 9 or 10 and a Betta.

I recently set up a 10Gal aquarium with 6 Guppies and 3 small Cories. I'll add another 3 or 4 next time I can get to the shop.

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