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bahari 08-29-2021 09:23 PM

shrimp in 5 gallon
I currently have 3 shrimp in a 5 gallon. Is that too small? Should I get more? I have a betta fish (who is extremely friendly and never hurts the shrimp). I just think that the shrimp might not be able to thrive with not enough in the colony.

Any advice is extremely appreciated!

Autumnsky 08-31-2021 01:52 AM

The tank situation is tricky.

One day the Betta could just tear them up. Or it might be fine. I had shrimp with a Betta for about a year and then one day they were nearly all torn to bits. Shrimp parts everywhere. Also have seen this same thing reported from others. And then some people have theirs happily coexist.

I kept 3 different "nice" male Bettas with a colony of Grass shrimp and male Endlers, (the grass shrimp are like Ghost shrimp but reproduce in freshwater). Lots of plants Subwassertang and moss. No murderous rage.

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