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ashriver924 01-14-2022 11:30 PM

My betta fish sit with his nose down at the bottom of tank and doesnít move.
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I noticed today that my betta fish ďUniĒ is acting extremely strange for his usual self. Heís usually the most active happy go-lucky fish that just now (after having him 5/6 months) started getting use to me and greeting me at feedings. Just several hours ago, I noticed heís nose down in a decorative plant not moving, and when I say not moving, I mean I tapped, thumped, tilted the tank, anything I could to get some sort of movement out of him and nothing. Until a few minutes later did I finally see him swim around, then nose dive back into his nose downward position. He has never acted this way since Iíve had him, the only thing I did after getting him was cleaning the tank 100% once a week until I learned the correct method of care and maintaining his water. Fast forward to a month ago when we we relocated to a hotel because the house we were going to move into fell through and I had to empty his tank and pour new water in once we arrived. I failed to mention he resides in the tank with 3 snails and 2 ghost shrimp (if they are still with us) heís the only fish. Anyway, I havenít noticed a change in his behavior at all until today, and trust me when I say I pay attention (probably too much) to this little guy. After googling and coming across this forum, Iím not sure what to think or do. Itís too late at night to test his water, I did a half change of the tank because I felt the water and to me seemed like the temperature was what I would bath in, so I unplugged the heater (very warm.) Iím a relatively new fish parent and my local fish store knows this and educated me on lots of things, like not changing the water in the tank like I was in beginning and gave me tips but nothing to help me now, because again, he wasnít acting like this and was just fine. Please help me try and figure out a good path to help Uni, I truly donít want to lose him.
He is in a 3 gallon tank with an air filter that was changed several days ago. I feed him betta crumbles because it was suggested when I was trying to maintain the bacteria in the tank because the blood worms I was feeding was either too much or I couldnít clean the leftovers all out and contributed to high PH levels

if Iím leaving anything out, please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability! Please help me save my sweet fishy, thanks in advance! 🥰

after feeling the temperature of the water after the 50% water change and which was way cooler than it originally was I turned the heater back on and thatís when he was moving around more for me to capture the last 4 pictures Iím hoping thereís something someone could notice that would help better determine what if anything is wrong with him

Ps: Iíve had the snails since day 4 of getting UNI so Iím 90% sure they arenít the issue

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