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TheAvs21 03-22-2022 08:03 AM

I am looking for a new heater for my 10 gallon. Seems just about everyone I look at has at least 10 reviews of people claiming they exploded or overheated their fish. Wondering what is some good trusted brands out there? Even the fluval which I assume should be good quality have many reviews on the different 50w versions saying don't buy, killed my fish.

TheAvs21 03-22-2022 09:05 AM

Also curious for safety reasons, is it safer to have 2 separate 25w heaters so if one of them fails and gets stuck on it's not powerful enough to overheat aquarium? I only have a 10 gallon so not much space and would rather not do that, but after reading reviews getting a little paranoid.

Aiken Drum 03-22-2022 09:49 AM

2 heaters give you redundancy if 1 fails. Having 2 heaters that each only heat half the water is kind of pointless. If you are going 2 heaters then they each need to be able to heat the whole tank.

Having the correct size heater for your tank is the safety mechanism for the situation you describe of having one fail in the on position. If its the correct size, it wont raise your temperature too fast to a degree you wont notice.

The best heater ive ever had was a fluval M series heater that came with my Fluval Roma tank. Kept temperature at a consistent level, lasted a couple of years. Ive never been able to find them for sale here in the UK apart from being included with the Roma tank.

TheAvs21 03-22-2022 03:07 PM

Thank you, is there any other brands as well as fluval you'd recommend? Or just stay away from cheap Amazon ones and should be ok?

Aiken Drum 03-23-2022 05:44 AM

Im using JBL heaters at the moment. Having tried a few different brands they are the best of what i can easily get hold of here in the UK. Not had them long enough to say if they last the test of time though. I would swap them for Fluval M series heaters if i could get them without having to pay import costs. Our petstore chain does sell M series 50 watt heaters though.

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