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12-31-2004 04:27 PM

What could go wrong, can go wrong
Now how does that saying goes? When it rains, it pours or something to that effect. But anyway, i just learn that the fresh fish market that is a whole sale place has burn out from a fire and it took me all afternoon to relocate another fresh fish market that i can get me the same burkes on the squid and baby octopus. Where before i had a drive of about 20 minutes both ways were now i will have a drive of an hour both ways.
For until next week, i pick up two large froozen octopus and with squid tubes only and soon as i get a chance, i will take that drive to get my eels the burke packs.
Happy New Years Folks :)
Buddy ><{{{{">

fishfreek 01-01-2005 07:55 AM

Sorry to hear about the bad luck.

01-01-2005 12:49 PM

The only bad thing about it was i had to drive and call all over the place to find me a new supplier of the burkes of squid and baby Octopus and besides that, Fish World is an hour drive as well, once they move my two reef tanks in, after few months stocking will begin and i would have to drive out there. Yes, there is another fish store closer, but they can never get me what i want and besides that, that store only deals with corals & fishes at a max cost of $100 and unlike Fish World, they call me when any rare coral arrives for the average price of coral i had in the reef tanks were $90-$110 and the highest i think was $250. Yes, i would spend more on any moray i wish to have other then a single coral.
And fishfreek (what a name LOL) when i buy the burkes i buy three each and they last for a good while and besides, i also feed other varieties of foods.
A Very Happy New Year All :)
Buddy ><{{{{">

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