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Clown Monarch 04-23-2005 02:42 AM

Near disaster
Last night while feeding some flakes before bed I accidentally dropped the food canister into the tank. A large canister. I immediately grabbed as much as I could but it wasn't much and scrambled for a net - but it was too late. The tank was completely clouded with flakes. After an hour of pulling as much as I could out of the tank, I went to bed.

I cleaned the wet/dry tonight and the Fluval. All seems to be OK except for a general orange cloudiness, but I've got a 40g water change cooking for tomorrow. The skimmer produced 4 cups of skimmate OVERNIGHT last night.

Anyone else do anything equally buffoon-like?

Thumper 04-23-2005 02:53 AM

Not yet here but I never place the food anywhere near the tank,just remove what is needed and place it in the tank but i see where it could happen very easily. Good Luck.

AR15 guy 04-23-2005 04:58 AM

Good luck. I hope you get it cleared out before any livestock dies. That 40 gallon WC sounds like loads of fun.

Edmonton Eskimo 04-23-2005 05:03 AM

One morning when I woke up I noticed that my three year old daughter had dumped a whole can of food in my tank. Thank God it was my cichlid tank. Those guys are bulletproof!

Phyl 04-23-2005 07:47 AM

Yup. Half a container of sinking pellet, the day after Christmas. It was a nightmare for a week. The pellet got under the rock and festered. I had ammo off the charts for a week until I pulled all of my rock out and did a 80% water change. It was a nightmare.

I hope you're luckier than that! Sounds like your skimmer was working overtime.

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