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'8835th 05-01-2005 02:00 AM

Copperband Butterfly
Can someone give me some basic information about this fish? What can't it be kept with? Does it have to be in a reef tank? Is it hardy?

lando 05-01-2005 12:02 PM

The copperband is my favorite fish, but they have a vey dismal survival record in captivity. Most do not accept prepared foods and will just slowly starve to death. They are peaceful and are one of the only butterflies you can keep in a reef. A 75gal tank with a lot of LR is needed to keep this fish long-term. IF you decide to get one, spend the extra money and get one collected from Australia. Avoid buying one from the Philappeans as the collection methods are suspect. This is a very difficult fish to keep, but if acclimated properly and if you can get it to eat it should do okay.

mp3z24 05-01-2005 02:19 PM

i have been reading up on these, since i have a ton of aiptasia from my new live rock. from what i gather they basically WILL die. they simply dont eat. if they do decide to eat the aiptasia, then you are ok for a while, but as soon as that food source runs out, they will starve to death.

you probably want to start looking for an alternate.


lando 05-02-2005 10:09 AM

Selcting a healthy fish is of upmost importance with this species. As mentioned, ones collected from Australia seem to do better. They do cost a bit more. When buying from the LFS demand to see it eat. Put down a deposit and have them hold it for a couple of weeks. Check on it every couple of days to see if it is still feeding. As mentioned, LR seems to help in survival. I have had mine for over one and a half years and it is doing great.

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