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Hookman 07-13-2003 05:47 PM

Deal on LR or not?
hey everyone,
I was looking at Marine Depot, and they have 44lbs. of fiji LR on sale for 150$. I bought some tonga rock at That Fish Place for 6$ a pound. I was wondering if that is a good deal from Marine Depot, because it isn't fully cured, so they said to let it cure for two to three weeks. I don't have anything in my tank but LS and one rock, and a few hermits(zebra). So letting it cure would not be a problem. I was also wondering if fiji rock is good, at That Fish Place the kid told me tonga was better. I don't know if he meant quality or better for the money because it isn't as dense. Any help appreciated!

fishfreek 07-13-2003 06:09 PM

If thats after shipping then its about the same price I have seen most other places for fiji rock after shipping. usually put a sale of 45lbs of fiji rock for $99 (before shipping) and shipping is usually close to $1 per lb for second day air.

Just about all of these places get their fiji rock from the same supplier/exporter so the prices are all really about the same for everyone.

Rock is rock in my view. Tonga is usully more expensive because people value the shapes more than the more round fiji rocks. Its all in your eye. If people like it more they charge more.

Fiji rock is not dense either. The dense live rock is the rock you get from FL that is FL aquaculture rock. That rock usually comes from the mines in the bahammas and is placed in the ocean to become live rock.

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