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Biotoper 07-07-2005 02:03 PM

PHs for 20g
I'm planning a 20g invert sand-zone set-up - just 10 lbs LR (from, 2" LS, some hermit crabs and snails, macroalgae, no filter, no skimmer. Probably just NO lighting for now. First, I'm just going to enjoy seeing what develops on my rock for a while. If all goes well with water quality, I think I'll try a pair of peppermint shrimp and a neon goby. We'll see about coral down the line (Ricordea florida don't seem too hard and would stay in the Caribbean theme).

So, I'm wondering what powerheads I should use, since they will be my only water flow. I like Maxi-Jets, and since the price difference between the different sizes isn't much, should I just get two 1200's? Can there be too much flow (that would be almost 30 times turnover) - I could position them/use the outlet paddle to deflect more/less flow. Or it is better to get a smaller Maxi-Jet?

Or for the same price I could get 3 or 4 Mini-jets (20-30 times turnover). Are these as good as the Maxi's? They seem to have flow ranges - how do you adjust their flow? Having more small PHs seems better than fewer large PHs, in allowing you to reach all spots in the tank, and more potential for wavemakers use. Also, would the mini's be useful if I later wanted to setup a small sump?

Thanks for the advice,

tripper 07-07-2005 02:19 PM

I think your idea of the 3 or 4 Mini-jets is the best idea. The flow from two 1200s would be overpowering for a tank that small. 4 Mini-jets on a wavemaker would be very cool. Just my $.02


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