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808 08-21-2005 05:35 PM

What KIND of light bulb?
I tried searching past posts on the kind of light to use, and i don't think i've seen what i'm asking. This tank used to be FW, so i have a Perfecto 30" hood with flourescent light...i think it's 22w...over my 20L (If anybody else has this can they double check because i'm not 100% sure). I just set up a FOWLR, and want to know what type of bulb to put in there that will be most beneficial to the LR. I've read that my lighting should be alright, at about 2w per gallon. I AM NOT going reef, for sure. So just for my FOWLR, which light to promote the growth and make the tank look the nicest? 50/50? The daylight 10k light? There are a bunch of choices out there and i just want to make sure that i don't get the wrong one. Thanks.

nsu7 08-21-2005 07:52 PM

Power compact probably the best, go with one in the 6700k to 10k range and then an actinic for best coraline growth. Had many people tell me at least 3 WPG for nice coraline on the LR

Jermz79 08-21-2005 09:07 PM

If your looking for a bulb to replace what you have, then the 50/50 bulb would be the best! 50/50 gives you half of each spectrum and would make the tank look nice.
If you plan on replacing the light completly then I would suggest a PC or MH investment. A 70w MH pendant over the 20gal would look nice :D :D ! And then you could keep a nice array of corals.

808 08-22-2005 01:02 AM

Yes, i just want to replace what i've got now. I'll go look for a 50/50 bulb tomorrow. Thanks!

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