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nitrous 12-23-2005 10:00 PM

new 36 corner tank
well ima be setting up my new 36 bow corner tank soon. i have a heater, stand, tank, spot for it, gonna get a filter soon. and im planning for it to have some plants and some yellow lab chiclids and red zebra chiclids. i would really like for these to have some fry, not a hybrid but with same species. would this be able to happen at all or no? it wouldnt be bad if it didnt but i would like it to, it already happened in out pond outside i would like like to see some little chiclids swimming around.

gohabs9 12-23-2005 10:38 PM

sounds nice, good luck with the fry.

Fishyfanatic 12-24-2005 11:04 AM

Normally I don't recommend any Africans in anything less than a 55 gal tank with the exception of shellies. But I think that if you limited the number that you have, you could definately breed. Since labs are so difficult to sex, purchase them as adults if at all possible. That way you are more likely to get 1M and 3F. Either choose to breed the yellow labs or the zebras. (Do you have a scientific name for the Red Zebra?). Stocking a 36 gal tank will allow you to have about 8 fish. And if you do have fry, then you will need a place for them to inhabit. Decorate the tank with lots of rock work, a few plants, and a sand substrate. Depending on your tank pH and hardness, you may want to add crushed coral to the filter to make the environment as breeder friendly as possible.

nitrous 12-24-2005 02:19 PM

ya itll be like my 20 gal i only have 3 chiclids in there and that is all and im not totally keen on the breeding idea ima proly just have 3 labs 3 red zebra give or take 1 and ima have some plants and if they breed then ill move em but if they dont itll still be fine thanks for ur help

nitrous 12-24-2005 06:30 PM

Metriaclima estherae (aka red zebra) is the scientific name. would they do good with yellow labs?

Fishyfanatic 12-24-2005 10:22 PM

The scientific name is actually Maylandia Estherae. They come in two variations. Regular and Blue/Red. I have two of the regulars and they are not too aggressive. They may ok, but I wouldn't put them in a 36 gal tank. You could try it, but be prepared to move them to a larger tank or return them to the lfs if they are stressed due to tank size.

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