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Primetime 12-27-2005 03:05 PM

Congo Tetras
How many if any, Congos can I keep in a 25 Gallon tank (24x12x20H)? I am ignoring all of my other fish that I have because they can be traded in, so its just a straight up answer.
Also take into consideration that I have a Bio Wheel filter for upto 30 gallons and an extra 15 gallon stingray filter which can be used at anytime.

Primetime 12-27-2005 04:06 PM


Fluff 12-27-2005 04:11 PM

Filtration isn't always all you need to look at. They need a good bit of swimming space. I have three in a 110 and they are everywhere. JMO but a 24" tank isn't enough swimming space for them.

Primetime 12-27-2005 04:17 PM

Alright. I REALLY wanted them too. What if I get 2 on the second week of January (the day my LFS starts trading in again) and get a 55 Gallon on my birthday (May). They'd have to live in a 25 Gallon for 5 Months though.

Fluff 12-27-2005 04:26 PM

Well, upgrading is fine but they really do like to be in groups. Ultimately, it's your decision. I'll also add though, in my experience, they grow pretty fast. They are a beautiful fish, and I can certainly understand your enthusiasm but, if you are getting a larger tank in a few months, why not just wait to get them? Two may be fine in a 25g for a few months but I would wait til you get the larger tank, then get a small group of them. Also, the males do tend to quarrel a bit and in a smaller tank, that's more likely to happen.

Wizzard~Of~Ozz 12-27-2005 08:48 PM

I've had up to 6 in a 75Gal, a couple have been lost due to certain catasrophes or cataclysmic events. (maracyn2 cloud caused one to stress right out, found it a week later stuck in a castle.) the other had been injured and it just got worse.

You can keep them in a 20 gal for a couple of months, I had 2 in a 20 gal for a month, they are low polluters, but need the space to race.

They are a very beautiful fish, but don't plan on any neons or glowlight sized tetras, they become snack food.

Try to keep a 2-1 ration of femals to males, of the 4 I have left, all 4 are male and they fight a lot now since they are maturing.

getting them all at the same time would be advisable, too much an age difference may cause other problems (mature males terrorizing immature females.)

Included an old picture I took of 5 of them together. They could clear the length of the tank in less then 1 second and that's 4'

Also, how big are they at the store right now? if they are only an inch or less like the ones I've seen locally then you'ld probably be fine, just don't overfeed or they will get too large for the tank.

Michael 12-27-2005 09:33 PM

I wouldn't keep them in anything but a 4' tank. I have 8 in a 180 gallon tank, 4 males and 4 females. I've had them for 4 years. They grow real fast and are to large for a 20. JMO

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