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pkremer 02-03-2006 12:54 PM

Anyone bought live rock here?
Has anyone else purchased live rock from this company? This seems an outrageously good deal, and if the rock looks like he says, it seems a good deal!


Dr.Nate 02-03-2006 01:04 PM

WOW, now that's a good shipping too! You should also post this at the top where the "good deals sticky" is......too bad I can't fit any more rock in my tank, but thanks for sharing.

thor32766 02-03-2006 02:43 PM

I have two orders from there, my friend and i each ordered 25lbs a piece, the rock was cool formations and he does a good job on giving you pieces you ask for, but there isnt much life on the rocks we both got. I wouldnt order again, but would make great rock as a fill in between base rock and live rock. Just my 02cents, if you have any other questions just ask.

melosu58 02-03-2006 04:01 PM

I was going to say that that`s the knock on carib rock that it does not have much life on it. Never had it but that`s what others have said.

pkremer 02-03-2006 06:06 PM

Well, at $3 a pound, I couldn't get base rock for that!

When you say it doesn't have a lot of life on it, what do you mean? He claims there is a lot of life on this rock...what kind of life do you mean? I'm brand new to saltwater and am trying to stock my first saltwater aquarium...a 46-gallon bow front. Is the rock ugly?

I was considering ordering 50 pounds and making it my sole form of you think it would be better to get 25 pounds and use it as the base for something more interesting? I really like the way this stuff looks...

I'd hate to buy rock that I'm unhappy with, especially since you can't return it and it's so expensive!!! Looking for help!!! :)


melosu58 02-03-2006 06:18 PM

Paul, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you like the way it looks go ahead and get it. I`ve heard others say that carib rock is good so you do what looks good to your taste. You`ll be the one watching it, not us. The rock actually looks good in the picture. Good luck.

thor32766 02-03-2006 06:54 PM

if this is your main rock no. I get florida harvested rock here in orlando and its unbelieveable. As far as life I mean i didnt recieve any coraline algea which i hoped for. No hitchhikers or such. I guess the best way to describe it was rock that you could tell was in the ocean, but not very colorful. To each his own, but like i said, if you want this to be your best rock no!!! great filler rock or base rock, just my opionion and hope it helps. if you want anything else just ask.

pkremer 02-03-2006 07:13 PM

OK, here's a question....if purchased 25 pounds of this rock to set up a base, and then 30 pounds of another kind of rock and put it on top, does that work?

Would it be OK to purchase the base rock, get it set up in the aquarium, and then add the other rock later? What is the best way to set up 50 pounds of live rock in a brand new aquarium? Would you put it in 25 pound sections and do 2 separate cures? Or order both kinds at the same time and cure it all together?

Would you have sand in the aquarium before placing and curing live rock? Or can that be added later?


melosu58 02-03-2006 08:00 PM

put it all in there and do the fishless cycle. Cycle it all together.

thor32766 02-04-2006 12:06 AM

yeah thats a good idea use the rock to cycle.

jd4g 02-04-2006 09:03 AM

Live rock
Another place you could try is Tampa Bay Saltwater. There website is
You may not need their "Package". Go to the ordering section and the priceless shows the cost of just the live rock, $6.00 a pound. Plenty of coraline.
Good luck!

cmor1701d 02-04-2006 11:26 AM

For base rock you may want to check or this Reef Rock 50lb (Carib Sea) which is what I used for my base rock.

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