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morgan24 03-04-2006 11:59 AM

should I ?
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Should i do a water change in the middle of my cycle? I'm still testing high in ammonia and trites. Or should i wait until its done. Its a 10gal with 2-3 in sand bed with 20lbs of uncured lr. Thanks Here is a pic of it.
oh yeah and tell what you all think of the lr placement should i move so i have more shelfs for coral because its going to be a mini reef with lots of corals. I have a coralife 65wt lite on it that should do for most corals right. I don't know much about clams but i know i probably can't have one but if there is one i could have in there is there one that would work. Probably not but worth asking. Plus would i be able to put some lps corals in there. All i do is research on this all day but every thing said high light but is mine high enough? Sorry for the lost post i know its alot of work with such a small tank but my 20 does great.

Fluff 03-04-2006 12:05 PM

It looks great. I'd wait out the ammonia and nitrite spikes. You can do a good many corals with that lighting but I'd stay away from clams. They aren't very tolerant the way I understand, of quick changes in chemistry that your bound to encounter in a smaller system. And, they grow very large. LPS corals also may be a problem in such a small reef. Things like open brains, candycanes or blasto may do ok but bubbles, hammers, torches, frogspawn and the like have very long sweeper tentacles and needs a good bit of space to keep them from stinging nearby corals. JMO

morgan24 03-04-2006 12:19 PM

ok thank you Fluff

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