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Jobin 03-06-2006 03:43 AM

Breeding bettas
Siamese fighters or bettas some people call them are interesting fish so thats why i want to breed them. Do any of you AA members breed these fish if so i would like you to post your tips and hints about breeding these fish. Any help would be appreciated.

Puriti 03-06-2006 09:12 PM

They're bubble nest builders so you have to have limited flow of water so it's not destroyed and the water should be between 80-82F and don't have any other fish in the tank because they'll either eat the eggs/fry or they'll destroy the nest or something. You need to keep the female and male separated but in view of each other and the male will build a bubble nest and after 3-4 days if they're showing interest you put the female in and make sure they're not fighting. With luck you might get eggs and the male will place them up into the bubble nest after he fertilizes them and she lays them one at a time. The male will guard the nest until they hatch. They'll hatch in I think it was 48 hours and you feed them microworms 3 times a day and you have to take both parents out because they'll eat them. My school recently just had some and I have my own betta breeding projects there and at home as well. I've had eggs in the nest before but never had the fry, I keep trying though.

That's all I really remember so if anyone else has anything else they'd like to add be my guest ._.

03-08-2006 11:20 AM

Sorry Puritti but thats not all right. frist off I breed betta's. I have 20 males from Crown tail to Vail tails, I have 4to5 frys of crown tails now and 4 vail tail frys. Got 1 half moon plakat fry do to hatch around noon today. When breeding betta's there super easy.
But you have to ask your self these 3 question.
1. Do I have time to fed these guys 3 times aday and clean up what they don't eat?
2. Do I have space for the 10 to 150 fry to grow out?
3. Do I have enought jars to split them up after the second month?
4. Will I have food ready for the fry in 4 days after dad comes out of tank?

Now it's super easy to bred. Like Puriti says set the female as close to the male as you can. So he'll buld a nest once the nest is complete. You then Have to seee if the females even ready to bred, If the females ready she'll have 3 latrial line showing in her side is what alot of people go by. Not me I go by her egg tube. This will be a white tube hanging down from her under side close to the anual area {you'll know it as soon as you ee it }
This means she's full of eggs. If this is showing add her to the tank with the male.
he chase her and beat her up pretty badly. Vail tails aren't as bad as say half moons or crown tails are but he will beat her up none the less. Now this could go on for a hr or even a couple of days. When she starts hanging out under the nest with her tail in the air at the nest then she's giving in to his chasing and is ready to breed.
Once the breding starts it could last for up to 4 hrs, The male will wrap him self a round the female and froce the eggs out of her. There will be any where from 10 to 15 eggs at a time froced out of her. After he froces the eggs from her he will release her. She's going to lay motionless for around 30 secound giving the male time to get the eggs in his mouth and add them to the nest. after there do the nest is going to be packed with at least 150 to 200 eggs. My corwn tail female droped over 300 eggs before I said whaaa wait thats enought and pulled her.
Now after you pull the female leave the male alone for at least the next 4 days or and til the fry can swim to the surface on there own. The male will get a work out after the eggs hatch. He'll take them to the surface and pick them up off the bottom and put them back in the nest. This gose none stop for the next 4 days. After four days pull Dadady and start feding the fry.
here's some links to food and hatching and breeding them,

If you hve any question let me know either PM me or post I'm more then happy to help. I've help two other on here to breed there males with both of them now having frys. Let me know.

Simpte 03-09-2006 01:46 PM

There are many techniques many breeders use, though I can wholeheartedly agree with the 4 questions you have to ask yourself. I breed CTs (too many fake HM bettas floating around).
I perfer to not let my male see the female before breeding. I also feed them in the breeding tank.

You will have to find what works best for you after trial and error. Be prepared to spend the good part of 3 days watching them to prevent serious injuries (females can kill just as easily as males). Size is important. smaller males cannot wrap the female and the eggs will not be fertilized.
I started with common lfs veiltail bettas for 3 tries before I moved onto better quality ones.

03-09-2006 02:28 PM

i always pull the male on the 3rd day. It saves alot of the fry and leave the fry in the tank they hatched out in. Alot of the time. Some times if there's a lot of them and it's to much to get to the fry if there's a reason to is to hard. Then I put them in a 10gal grow out tank for around 45day then move them to a 55g grow out.

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