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dehinrichs 05-09-2006 07:20 PM

Changing Ballast
Right now, my lighting system has two 40 wyatt, 48 inch bulbs, and two magnetic ballasts wired in. Those two ballasts get very HOT. Can I change the existing ballast to one electronic ballast? From what I've seen here, electronic ballast is much cooler and that seems like the way to go.

dskidmore 05-10-2006 05:52 PM

Sure, no reason why not. You may also need to upgrade your end caps, as some electronic ballasts are designed to run VHO bulbs, and may heat up NO bulbs a bit more. (Net less heat, more light than with the magnetic ballasts.) You may also consider while you're at it having a remote ballast, somewhere not directly connected to the tank, with a wiring harness going up to the light fixture.

BillD 05-11-2006 07:26 PM

If you are going to change the ballast, switch to a ballast for t8 tubes. The tubes are more efficient, and cheaper to buy.

dskidmore 05-11-2006 07:30 PM

T5 is even more efficient, but not quite so cheap.

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