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MACATUA 09-12-2003 06:17 PM

How fast will he grow?
Hey guys. Just got my new regal tang last night. He is gorgeous. Freaked a little last night, but calmed down and this morning I woke up to him swimming into the current to the powerhead, having a blast. My question is how fast do these fish grow? I know all about how big he will get, I just want to know how fast he will get there. He is really a baby now, not even 2 inches long yet. So will he wahat, double in size in a year? More? Just wondering. Thanks.

kidafius 09-12-2003 07:13 PM

I don't know much about tangs, but I do know a bit about biology. In short, for almost any living creature, growth rate ~ food intake. If you feed him voraciously, he will grow in that respect. If you limit the food intake, you limit his growth. I hope you have more than just this piece of advice, though, as everything has its variances. :)

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