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src 07-07-2006 10:55 AM

Stocking ideas for my 125G
It's time to start planning my stock for the 125G. The cycle will be starting tonight, but I have some well seeded media, some plants to move over, and may even give it a boost with some bio-spira (impatience is NOT a virtue, it's a fact of life). I obviously won't be adding all (or even many) of the fish at once, but I want to have a plan this time.

I don't want to fill it with large species. I would prefer more, smaller, fish to a few large specimines. It will be a well planted tank, running about 2.5-3 WPG with PC lights (medium high to high light).

There are a few things that I know I want. I would like to raise some Angels, and I would also like to try breeding some GBR or Kribs or some other small, community friendly cichlids. I know the fry would be at risk in a community tank, and plan to have a breeding tank or grow out tank to supplement things. Ideally, I will be able to sell some of the babies to support my habit, so something marketable would be preferred. Should I just plan on 3-4 angels and a pair (or trio, depending on their mating habits) of the cichlids, or is a larger group of either preferable?

For the bottom, I will probably have a small shoal of Cory's (4-5), a smaller pleco (BN, maybe) and some Otto's for algae control. A mystery snail or two would be nice too - the one in the 29G is pretty interesting to watch. I will put some MTS in to stir the sand, and I would also like to try shrimp, but I expect that these are likely to end up as fish chow if I'm not careful.

The rest I want to be community schooling fish, for the most part. I've got Tiger Barbs in the other tank, and while they are fun to watch, I'm not sure want them in the big tank.

What I really need is some guidance on balancing the agressiveness and territorial behaviors of the angels and cichlids with the rest of the community. Any ideas or suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks!

JustOneMore20 07-07-2006 04:13 PM

Go with some big peaceful schools of tetras. Or rainbows. You could get 3 schools of rainbows in that big of a tank. I like Bosemani rainbows, threadfins, and gertrudae. Do a google search to find out more about them. Bosemani would be the biggest, at about 4 inches each, but they are all very colorful.

If you just wanted to do one type of rainbows, you could also have some tetras. I like lemons, congos (on the bigger side...3in), diamonds, flames, rummynose (look great in a big school), black neons, and cardinals.

You could easily do more than 3 schools, but IMO it looks very chaotic. I'd go with 3 schools of about 10 fish each, the angels, 2 pairs of GBRs, and about 12 cories. You have room for alot of cories, so I'd definitely make them happy and do more than 4-5. Oh and the BN and about 4-5 ottos...once you have some algae going.

It sounds like it will be a very nice tank....I'm jealous! :D

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