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thorn 09-16-2003 04:20 PM

30" light strip with actinic blue bulb $25
I bought a 30" Perfecto light strip and as it turns out, it's too much light for my tank.

The strip and actinic blue (moon light pure blue, no red spectrum) bulb are in perfect working order, no scratches, salt or any problems. I'd prefer to trade them for frags or livestock. For lack of trade, I will sell the set for $25 +shipping (around $7). Send me a pm if you are interested and let me know what you offer.

09-20-2003 01:05 PM

I don't understand how it could be too much light for your tank, if you are willing to trade frags or livestock for it. Frags and livestock would require more light than it puts out?

In that, what kind of frags are you looking for?

thorn 10-08-2003 03:20 PM

It's too much light on my 29-gallon tank because I bought a Marc Weiss Magnum Moonlight.

It's a bit redunant to have 55 W of the mixed spectrum with my smartlight and the additional 4 W magnum moonlight, the natural sunlight that hits the tank later in the day (who knows what that wattage is) AND the 20 W actinic blue when what I've got in that tank is only mushrooms, polyps and fish. If/when I do get more corals, I may get an additional light but I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. For now, I'm just happy getting my ricordia to propagate. Since they only need 58 W of light, and they prefer lower light areas of the tank, I'm trying to reduce my clutter.

The strip is also too large for the tank, so it overhangs by an ince or so on either side, making it one that I'd have to suspend if I wanted to keep it and, well, I don't.

I'd be most interested in any mushrooms, polyps (brown, green, yellow or star) or ricordia (any color but green). It's not restricted to that list... if there's something someone wants to get rid of, let me know... I'm feeling experimental.

thorn 10-09-2003 02:02 PM

Tis sold! Thanks all for looking!

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