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Brian L 01-06-2007 05:55 AM

Water Pump and Heater
What Pump do I need for a 90 Gallons Tank and what heater do I need this will be fresh water tank. I will put Cichlids in the tank. I also have a WET DRY FILTER system it has something like string.
Thanks Brian

jsoong 01-06-2007 02:00 PM

It depends on your wet/dry setup. I assume you have a sump with that wet/dry? You need to add your sump volume to the calculations.

For heater, probably TWO 200W-250W heaters will do. (I'd use 2 heaters in a big set up rather than one big one in case one fails).

Your return pump size depends on the height of your tank vs the sump & a bunch of other things. You want maybe 4-5x total water turn over per hour (up to 10x if you believe in over-filtering or if you ever want to do SW). So, unless you have a HUGH sump, you'll need a pump that can handle 400-500 gal/hr at your head height. <The nominal flow rate of a pump is for zero head height & no tubing. Once you decided on a pump, you need to look at the detailed specs to find out what is the real flow rate at your head height. EG. my Hydor is rated at 750 gph, but at 3' of head (that's how high my tank is from the sump) the flow is around 650.>

Another consideration is your overflow capacity (ie how you get the water into the wet/dry). Your pump cannot not exceed that or you will have a flood.

All of the above assumes you have an external wet/dry. We actually need more details - where is the wet/dry, overflow setup, drilled tank?, sump setup .... etc. to give a meaningful recommendation on the pump.

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