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Yellow Jobber 11-27-2007 03:09 PM

Oceanic Trickle Filter: Pros, Cons, Experiences, Opinions
I am in dire need to up grade my tank from a 29 gal to a 75gal because my tank is overstocked. I found someone selling a used tank in the area.
It is a 75 gal Oceanic tank with a Trickle Filter model 75. It also comes with the stand and canopy. I don't know anything about this type of filter. Can someone elaborate on the pros and cons. Should/can I switch to a canister filter?
Give me some input please.

ccCapt 11-27-2007 07:04 PM

A trickle filter is basically a sump with a section for bio balls. The idea is water trickles thru the bio balls and biologically filters the water. I used bio balls for well over 15 yrs and never had problems, while others say their nitrates are high because of them. You can either use it as is with the balls, or take the balls out and put in some lr rubble. You can still use your canister filter for carbon, etc. if you want.

roka64 11-28-2007 11:16 AM

I agree, bioballs work well, but just need to be cleaned (cccapt might have to share more personal experiences, since I tend to replace my media with LR rubble). I love my canister for running other media such as purigen and sometimes phosban.

Yellow Jobber 11-28-2007 02:23 PM

Ok so the water trickles through the bio-balls and work well but have to be cleaned periodically. I'm assuming the bio-balls are providing bio filtration in addition to the LR in the tank. How often do the bio-balls have to be cleaned and what is the best way to do it?

The Oceanic trickle filter I will soon be getting has several small sections separated by plastic grates. In those sections I assume I will be using such products as Seachem Matrix , Black Diamond, or Purigen.

Does this sound about right? Am I on the right track?

roka64 11-28-2007 05:33 PM

The bioballs will host the nitrifying bacteria (just like the top layer of substrate and LR). Cleaning will depend on your bioload. I clean out my ceramic rings on old SW, so the bacteria doesn't die.

ccCapt 11-28-2007 07:20 PM


How often do the bio-balls have to be cleaned and what is the best way to do it?
I never cleaned mine....ever. Never even took them out of the sump. I used a sponge on the intake of the overflow to catch any bigger debris and cleaned that sponge every few days. Here's an old pic I found. These bio balls were used for over 15 yrs exactly as you see it.

roka64 11-29-2007 10:34 AM

WOW! Those look really clean, thanks for the input. I guess the sponge is the way to go, as long as you keep that clean...right?

Yellow Jobber 11-29-2007 11:46 AM

Will using a type of filter pad serve the same purpose as the sponge?

ccCapt 11-29-2007 07:25 PM

I guess it will, but you may have to clean it even more often. They are denser than a sponge and may back up the water trying to get thru the overflow when they get dirty. I just used those round cylindrical sponges that are made for HOB overflows and washed it in the sink about twice a week.

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