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Share your knowledge and experiences with others by contributing an article.

In an effort to provide the Aquarium enthusiast community tools to help share knowledge in a more formalized format we have developed this article website.  Our goal is to accommodate everyone from regular writers (columnist) to single articles submitted by members.  While we try to accommodate all our authors, we’re looking for subject matter and content that we believe will interest our readers.  Thanks to all our dedicated volunteer authors for sharing their passion for aquarium keeping.

We are looking for people to write articles on topics including:

  • Getting Started Articles – Help new owners by writing articles you wish you had read before you set up your first tank!  These topics include articles featuring quick “how to” guides for common tasks associated with maintaining your aquarium, safe acclimation techniques, quick tips, equipment selection, etc.  These articles can be about any topic that would be good for a new aquarium owner to read.
  • Current events and news of interest to aquarium keepers.
  • Reviews of new products and equipment.
  • Saltwater Articles – For those with a passion for salt!  Information about set up and maintenance of salt tanks as well as profiles of saltwater fish, plants and corals.  Have you designed a unique aquarium? Are you breeding saltwater fish? We would love to have you write about your project so others can share in and learn from your experiences.  You can even write an article with many parts and can add new sections as your project progresses with each section of your project highlighted on single page.  This is a great way to keep the community up-to-date on your project.
  • Freshwater Articles – We are eager to have our members help others.  Have you set up and run great aquariums?  If so, please consider writing an experts article so that others can learn from your experience.  Share your knowledge of fresh water aquaria including plants, fish, set up and management.

If you’re interested in writing as one of our volunteers, please contact one of the editors or site team members.

There are two ways to submit an article for publication.

1. You may register an author account and begin writing.
2. You can submit your content to our editor or site staff via e-mail and they can publish it for you under our editor account, giving you full credit of course.

All articles will be reviewed for content and formatting prior to publishing and so your article will not be publicly visible until you tell us, it’s ready to go. Our editor may “buff up” your article a bit prior to publication. If your register as an author you can edit your article or work on it progressively. Once it has been posted to the public, it can no longer be edited.  Articles authors are volunteers; thank you for taking the time and making the effort to share your expertise with our readers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with our community!

Article guidelines

  • Articles should be about topics of interest to aquarium owners or hobbyists and should be content heavy.
  • We encourage authors to provide references for material and facts and opinions should be clearly differentiated.
  • All forum rules about posting and copyright issues also apply to articles.
  • The article should be your original work. Material quoted from other sources should be clearly identified as such and appropriate credit should be given.
  • Please remember that images used cannot be copy protected images. Do no use a picture taken from a corporate website or a company logo, unless you have permission. Images taken by others must be properly attributed.
  • Articles about topics already covered by previous articles are acceptable as long as they contain new content or a unique perspective.
  • Articles about trips and personal experiences are acceptable, so long as they are noteworthy but articles are not intended for blogging.

Article Formatting

  • Images in articles will be automatically resized and must be uploaded with the article (no offsite image hosting).  Images cannot be the intellectual property of another (copy-protected).
  • Decent grammar, correct spelling, punctuation and a tolerable outline were important to your mom and they’re important to us as well. We have editorial help available if needed – just ask!
  • Consider writing your article off-line in a word processing program and copying and pasting test into the editor. This way if you lose your Internet connection you will not have lost a lot of good work.

Commercial content

Articles are not intended to be sales pitches or commercials for any one individual or business, but we value your experience and unique knowledge.   If an article is authored by a commercial entity (registered as such at it is permissible to add a signature at the end of the article that contains one link to the authors business website and name, address and phone number of the business.  If you are a commercial vendor and would like to be an author or submit a single article, please contact us.

We reserve the right to decline publication of any article for any reason.

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