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Introduction:   I first started keeping goldfish when I was about four years old and kept them for many years and in the early 70s I started to keep freshwater tropical until the mid 70s when Marines caught my eye and have kept them on and off ever since.


Set up:

Dimensions L 66 x W 22 x H 30 ins.
Capacity. 650 L
Substance 55 kg Caribsea Seaflor.
Live rock. 85 kg
Lighting. 3 x Vegas.
Water distribution. 2 x 6125. 2 x 6095.
Filtration. EFX600. FX6. Externals which holds roughly 50L+ of water between the two of them which helps with the total volume.


The external filters can time between the two of them sponges, floss, Active carbon, Sera Siporax rings, 20 bags of Bionitratex.  Reactors: Calcium reactor V2 300 compact, Two D&D Fmr75s One for bio pellets and for Rowa Phos. Proteins skimmer. Deltec Mce 600. Salt brand D&D H20+  Additives iodine five drops a day.

Tank stats.
Sg. 1.025
Temperature 25c
Cal. 420
Kh. 8.9
Ph. 8.0
Po4. 0.03
No3. 5


External filters are cleaned both every four weeks. Active carbon is replaced every four weeks.  Phos remover is replaced every four weeks.  Water change every week of which is 30 L. Plus siphon Sand as well on where I can reach.  Clean glass 2 to 3 times a week.



Feeding: I feed my fish three times a day A mixture of flake frozen and pellets +2 2-3 leaves of lettuce a day. Some of my corals are fed once a week with a variety of small frozen foods.  I have I wide for Mixture of corals from LPSs. SPSs soft and leather, reason being is that though I like the colours of the SPSs I also like things that flow so try to have the best of both worlds which can be a problem at times.



Tangs Yellow 9
Powdered blue 1
Regal. 1
Clown. 1
Fireball 1
Bellus. 1
aa_june_5Lamarck 1
Flamed. 1
Majestic 1
French. 1
Regal. 1
Blue face. 1
Black velvet. 1
China. 1
Leopard 1
Cleaner. 2
Lineatus 1
Banana. 1
Common clownfish 2
Humbugs. 5
Sunset Anthias 5
Green Mandarin 1
Midas Blenny 1
Pink spotted watchman 1
Spotted hawkfish 1,  Green Chromis. 7
cleaner shrimp 2  Starfish. 2
Pistol shrimp 2  Hermit crab’s 3
Sand shifting snails 8

aa_june_6_thum1 aa_june_7_thum2Conclusion: So as you can see by my fish list I have a up hill battle to keep things stable and healthy. And at the moment it’s working for me and enjoying every moment. In the long term I know I will have to change things as certain fish will definitely outgrow my System but I am willing to change things around when the time comes whether that means a bigger system hopefully or even move the fish on.  Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

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