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I like FISH, computers, coding, biology, plants, electronics, and everything else to do with science

Sleeping, coding, collecting, etc...
Woodbury, MN
Part time web design/app development
My Tanks
2.5gal Betta tank
--1 Gorgeous betta
28gal Nanocube HQI
--SW reef in progress
--Fire shrimp
--Skunk Shrimp
55gal Crab Paludarium
--3 Red Jointed Fiddler(Uca minax)
--1 Atlantic Fiddlers(Uca pugilator)
--1 Red Clawed Crabs(Perisesarma bidens)
46gal Amazon Biotope
--10 Cardinal Tetras
--6 Von Rio Tetras
--6 Silver Hatchetfish
--1 Albino BN Pleco
--1 Discus
--Lots of plants
--RIP angelfish, 3 gbrs :( you will be missed
/* More tanks to come */


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