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Aug 17, 1971 (Age: 52)
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My Tanks
55g: river tank; khuli loaches, gold white clouds, regular white clouds, rainbow darters, breeding pair ABN plecos, SAEs, burmese cherry loaches, reticulated hillstream loaches

55g: bolivian rams, rummy nose tetra, breeding pair ABN plecos

40g breeder: pristella tetras, otos, german blue rams

29g: peppered corys, neon tetras

20g long: lamp-eye killies, malawa shrimp

20g long: peacock gudgeons, clown pleco

33g long: red cherry shrimp, malawa shrimp

36g hex: von rio tetras, SAEs

80g brackish: dragon gobys, sheepshead pupfish, knight gobys, ghost shrimp

120G cichlid: Jack Dempsey, 3 synodontis eupterus, 1 synodontis ocellifer, giant danios, clown loaches, firemouths

the twins:
115g: various african cichlids,

115g: neon tetras, glow-light tetras, black neon tetras, harlequin rasboras, SAEs, angelfish, albino corys, Australian rainbows, Madascar rainbows

10g: scarlet badis

2 X 5.5: bettas

20g high: waiting for Zoogoneticus tequila


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