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My old page was 4tanks2day on YouTube. Lost the account info, my fish house, fish tank stills vids.

Fish, Camera, Model Making, mixing records (mostly DNB)
Normally, In A Tank!
My Tanks
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My fishes & fish house build.

(Last update, 14th June 2015)

(Currently) 750 litre DIY tank. 2xFX5 filter
11 C. Macracanthus.
Clown loach.
1 Ancistrus sp. (L110)
21 Hyphessobrycon anisitsi
Buenos aires tetra

60x30 DIY brackish,
Fluval 205
1 T.Biocellatus. Figure 8 puffer- Diddy P.

120 litre Aqua one? Fluval 205

10 hemigrammus erythrozonus
11 Corydoras paleatus (Christmas fry 2013)
3 Corydoras paleatus
(parent fish)
L204 Panaque albivermis (2)

2x36/15/18 130litre
130 litre (not my) DIY, Rheophilic tank

L203 panaque (destined for 750)
LDA 1 panaqolus
5x K.minor (glass catfish)

130litre (not my) DIY
Fluval 3+ & 1+

5 Corydoras agassizii
16 Hyphessobrycon Herbertaxelrodi

45litre system, Betta sp. crown tail var.

20 neocaridina shrimp
(Homeless!) inc. berried females!

24/26/18 170litre
5ft/18/18 (reef mod) holding shrimp! And a synodontis?
65litre Hagen
Qt 1/2


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