Introduction to UV Sterilizers

Highly controversial, learn about this fascinating equipment. This article is contributed by Aquarium Advice member loganj All footnotes … read more →

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How to Change Out Your Substrate

Start with a good foundation for a healthy and vital tank. Many people will start their aquarium and … read more →

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Tips for Buying Livestock Online

Learn about the benefits and pitfalls of on-line purchasing Over the last few years more and more websites … read more →


Algae control in salt water tanks

Information about a variety of algae issues and algae types There is no holy grail for algae control … read more →

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Protein skimming – is it right for you?

Foam on the top of your tank? We may be able to help. What is protein skimming? Protein … read more →


Curing live rock? I didn’t even know it was sick!

Learn about using ordinary rock in your tank safely. Live rock comes in two varieties: 1) Fresh/Uncured – … read more →


Berlin method of filtration

An overview of a unique method developed in the 1970’s as an alternative way of reef keeping. Peter … read more →

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Marine Ich or White Spot Disease

Overview of a lethal parisite This article was written by Aqaurium Advice Member, Fluff. Marine Ich or White … read more →

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Photo-acclimation of Corals

Changing the light environment of your tank may change coral health. Many reefers forget when they change their … read more →

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