Andrew McFadden 180 Malawi FTS

November 2012 TOTM: Andrew McFadden’s 180 Gallon Lake Malawi Biotope

  INTRODUCTION I started keeping aquariums when I was around 12 years old, roughly 18 years ago. I … read more →


Nannacara Anomala-Golden Dwarf Cichlid Profile

Nannacara anomala Species Profile by maxwellag Common Names: Golden dwarf cichlid, golden eye cichlidScientific Name: Nannacara AnomalaClassification: Cichlidae Subfamily: Cichlasomatinae Size (adult): … read more →

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Lake Malawi Mbuna stocking, décor and hardware

Lake Malawi Mbuna stocking, décor and hardware My plan to write these articles is to help all newcomers … read more →

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The Dreaded Fireworm

Browse any aquarium forum with a saltwater section, and sooner or later (most likely sooner) you will see … read more →


Introduction to Adding Natural Decor to an Aquarium

Adding Natural Decor to an Aquarium   So you’ve finally decided to switch to a more natural looking … read more →


Lake Malawi and Aquarium Stocking Cichlids

Lake Malawi also known as the lake of stars is one of the great rift lakes in Africa. … read more →


3D freshwater aquarium backgrounds

Ive had a lot of comments and questions on how I built my 3D background. How do you … read more →

electricity and water

Aquarium Safety for the Aquarist

While many of us spend time thinking about the heath and safety of our fish, rarely do some of … read more →


Introduction to Fertilizing the Planted Tank

Adding fertilizer in a planted tank can be a confusing and daunting prospect.  There are a lot of … read more →

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