Shipping Fish and Invertebrates

For many, shipping fish and invertebrates seems like a daunting task. It certainly was for me, at first. … read more →


Relieve Stress in Your Business or Home With an Aquarium

Studies have shown that watching an aquarium has multiple health benefits such as lowering of high blood pressure … read more →


The (almost) Complete Guide and FAQ to Fishless Cycling

The answers to all of your fishless cycling questions…even the ones you haven’t thought to ask yet! The … read more →


I just learned about cycling but I already have fish. What now?!

Tank cycling basics. Learn about reducing ammonia levels to keep your fish healthy, how ammonia is produced and … read more →


Tap Water in the Saltwater Reef

We will discuss why Tap water should not be used in a saltwater reef. There has been many … read more →


How to “Recharge” Seachem Purigen

I have been using Seachem Purigen on my planted tanks and saltwater tanks that I maintain for others. … read more →


Important Information for Those New to the Aquarium Hobby

Helpful hints and frustration savers for those new to the hobby – things to look into, avoid, and … read more →


Another View on Algae Control – Helpful Tips

A basic and simple approach to help saltwater keepers get rid of and prevent algae First off, one … read more →


A Guide to Aquarium Accessories and Fish Care

While there are many aquarium products available, their usefulness can vary. Familiarising yourself with the most important ones … read more →

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