All You Need to Know About Acclimation

This article discusses the benefits of acclimation and the most commonly-used methods used to acclimatize fish and other … read more →

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Royal Gramma – Gramma loreto

It is a hardy fish, ideal for beginners. It is one of the most eye catching of the … read more →

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Scissortail dartfish – Ptereleotris evides

The Blackfin dartfish or Scissortail Goby is from the Indo-Pacific region where it is found in outer reef … read more →

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Twinspot goby – Signigobius biocellatus

The Twinspot goby is from the Western Pacific region where it is found in lagoons on sand and … read more →

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An Algae Eater

Not that long ago, maybe 3 weeks ago, I was contemplating whether I should get some otocinclus, for … read more →


30 gal frag tank

A step by step description on how to build a DIY frag tank. Ok so we wanted to … read more →


The Nemo Tank Guide

After the movie “Finding Nemo” came out, there was a spike in interest in keeping the types of … read more →


How to Become an Author

Share your knowledge and experiences with others by contributing an article. In an effort to provide the Aquarium … read more →

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Blue Gourami – Trichogaster trichopterus

Gouramis, in general are relatively easy to breed. The male has a pointier, longer dorsal and anal fin … read more →

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