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    Uneven surface - top of wire shelf

    I would go with your idea of the 3/4" plywood but would add at least 4 "runners" on the underside to compensate for the space between the wood and the wire shelf. Cut the shelf slightly larger than the top and screw it down into the top caps of the posts just to add a bit of stability. The...
  2. K

    New tank not sitting totally flush on stand surface. How should I handle this?

    The first thing I would do is to check the tank itself to ensure the rim is not warped as in a manufacturer defect. Then I would check the surface of the stand to determine its overall flatness. Use a bubble level to determine where the gaps are and whether or not a good wood filler...
  3. K

    Missing Goldfish.

    Yes I do have a cat but he would be more inclined to play with it for hours prior to eating it. I have a home made cover on my tank but it is a heavy plastic 1/2 inch grid covered with a thin plastic board on top of that. No large holes to get in and out of. The fish would have had to jump 2...
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    Missing Goldfish.

    Hello. New to the group and have a puzzle to solve. I am running three freshwater tanks. The 100 gal was purchased 2nd hand and came with a Pleco, Bala Shark, 3 comet goldfish and 3 fancy goldfish. I do a fish count every day on all three of my tanks. Last night 1 of the 3 fancy...
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