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    Water heater creating fungal infection?

    I have actually been able to keep the film away. I have been doing more water changes, cleaning the plants and decorations, and got him a little snail friend who has been controlling a lot of the film on the sides of the tank. Oh and I bought a different water heater which doesn’t get all slimy...
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    Sick Bettas

    I have had really good luck with this fin treatment. My betta had really bad fin rot at one point. To the point where his tail did not grow back (he’s healthy and happy now!!) This treatment doesn’t help the water necessarily but it will help keep his fins and scales clear of the fungus causing...
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    Water heater creating fungal infection?

    I only have a small beta in there. He was happy and healthy in the smaller tank so I only got a 3 gallon. He’s no bigger than an inch so he’s got a lot of space.
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    Water heater creating fungal infection?

    I recently just switched from a 1.5 gallon tank to a 3 and also changed the water heater. In the smaller tank, I noticed that the water heater would get this slimy film over it. The rest of the tank would get this clear algae (I think it’s algae). I thought switching to a new tank would help...
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