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    Other (rainbows/brackish/unusual)



    Photos from MACNA XIX
  4. Freshwater diseases

    Freshwater diseases

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    Tangs, Angels and Butterflys

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    Soft corals and Sponges

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    Clownfish and Damsels

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    mushroom anemones
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    Gobies, Blennies, Jawfish and Dragonettes

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    Worms and cucumbers

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    "My Info"

    Of course I can not speak for the new ownership or management but the My Info button and feature was one of the many highly customizations that we put in over the years on the old site. There where easily 100 such tweaks on the old site that became 'normal'. I don't know if the VB software...
  13. F under new leadership

    As far as the question when will the transition happen. It has already happened. Full control was turned over to Andy prior to the site wide announcement. While the site still resides on my server at some point the files will be moved. When that occurs is up to Andy. This transition is...
  14. F under new leadership

    AA.Com is the only site that was sold.
  15. F under new leadership

    We have every intent on sticking around in some fashion.
  16. F

    See you another day

    Its all about the tools one uses or has available to them or knows about. We have been looking into this ever since it was reported and as kevin pointed out many times this site was in jepordy of going back to default everything and at that point it would be clear how customized we have made...
  17. F

    Quality of photo thumbnails in posts

    Technically it was a hard drive swap because the primary drive was failing. Unless this has been going on for a few months. Try again and also please link me to an example.
  18. F


    The hard drive that this site runs on was having read/write errors all last week. The drive was replaced Saturday night. The backup that was used to restore the site was a backup that was generated Friday morning so posts made after the backup was generated would have been lost.
  19. F

    what happened

    Note the two issues are not related other than just timming. The DOS in no way caused the read/write issues on the drive. That was a physcial failure. The DOS attack has been taken care of with a much more agressive and automated firewall/script scanning system that I put into place on the...
  20. F

    Site availability

    The drive that this server runs on is failing. Actions are being put into place to replace the drive and we will then need to restore all files back to the drive from a remote backup. This will take a very long time once we start the process since this site is close to 5gig in size just in web...
  21. F

    Saltwater all over basement carpeted floor--any help?

    Wow, Good luck on your clean up. I would if you have some put dehumifiers in the room and let them run non stop for a while. Using fans will help dry the carpet but at the expense of evaporation and the moisture will need to go somewhere. The key I feel is quick drying so the mold does not...
  22. F

    Ipod Help

    Ipods require Itunes usually to work best. Download Itunes for free from apple's site.
  23. F

    Images from MACNA XIX

    I finally got around to uploading photo from An t-iasg that she took at MACNA.
  24. F

    LED Lighting

    Actually I have to say I am seeing some things at Macna that blows my mind with LED. THere is a booth that is setup that has a LED enclosure setup that is side by side with a 400W MH and the PAR reading on the LED at approx the same color depth is higher than that of the 400W MH...
  25. F

    Images from MACNA XIX

    Thats defiantly doable. The ticket prices will be higher in Oct but shouldnt be at full price yet. The hotel shouldnt fill up until summer if it does fill up. The hotel is a 76floor tower.
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