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  1. J

    Painting your tank!

    Hi. I want to paint my tanks and would like to know what kind of paint I should use and if there are any negative effects on the fish if I paint the tanks. Thanks in advance
  2. J

    Tank move help

    Hello everyone. I’m moving house! I have finally become a homeowner & the new house is about a 10-minute drive from the place I’m currently in. So, I have a 140L tank and it’s HEAVY. Obviously. It’s stocked with gourami, pleco, Cory’s & rummy nose. I know I’ll have to drain the tank and...
  3. J

    Does anyone know of a removal company in the north Atlanta area?

    Hello. I need to have some hardwood flooring replaced due to a leak from the washing machine and unfortunately my 125 gallon reef tank will need to be moved. Does anyone know of a reputable company in the north Atlanta area that can handle this?
  4. J

    Can fish eat frog food?

    The frog pellets won't harm the fish. However, I'd never feed frog pellets to frogs. They are carnivores and they should be given live foods to eat. The problem here is that the frogs are being outcompeted for food by the fish and you have to ensure the frogs don't end up starving as a result.
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