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    Possible Tankmates?

    I have a 29 gallon long with a 207 Fluval Canister Filter. I have a mystery snail, a albino bristlenose pleco, a bumblebee catfish, a couple ghost shrimp, and a young male betta. I was wondering what fish I could add to be with my betta, no more bottom feeders though. I don't know what kind the...
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    Platy missing a patch of scales

    Okay, thank you! I started treatment with api melafix yesterday and he already looks way better so hopefully he will continue to improve :)
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    Platy missing a patch of scales

    The catfish is about 2 inches. I didnt think any of the decorations were sharp but maybe he got stuck somewhere? But I'm glad to hear you don't think it looks like it was caused by another fish
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    Platy missing a patch of scales

    I previously had a couple of platys, all girls, but they continued to have babies so I no longer have them, but i did keep one male baby since i read that they could be kept solo. My betta has been with platys the entire time I've had him and has never shown any aggression towards the remaining...
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