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  12. C

    Couple of tanks in Chicago

    I've got two twenty gallon tanks I'd like to sell. One is in displayish condition, the other would make a decent breeder/fry tank. Send me an email with an offer at if interested. I live uptown, and may be able to deliver if purchased this week.
  13. C

    Getting a 55 gallon and very confused

    I despise UGFs, and avoid them like the plague. I have not tried a reverse flow, however. I have found hang ons to work very well. I would put two heaters in, for more even heat, and in case one of them stops.
  14. C

    How many people only feed once a day?

    For me it depends on what I'm feeding. The Tang only gets fed once a day because it has a feeding clip to graze on at any time. The Firefish and Dwarf Puffer don't get fed as much, because the Firefish hunts copepods in the saltwater tank, and the Dwarf Puffer eats up all the snails in her...
  15. C

    What are my snails going to eat?

    Mine like seaweed, macro algaes, algae wafers.. anything I try and feed the Tang. :roll:
  16. C

    Cats, fish, parasites

    My cats have a tendency to get into the Goldfish tank and drink the water. Are there any sort of parasites that might cause problems for them? I'm also concerned about the possibility of problems occuring in the event of a cat eating one of the fish. Am I just being paranoid here? What are some...
  17. C

    What are reef safe star fish

    Mine climbs on the glass all the time. Falls every now and then though. I'm not sure if this means I need to clean the glass or not clean the glass. He seems fine, but it makes me a nervous wreck.
  18. C

    Time to add marine life: Fish or Inverts first?

    I added my clean up crew first. Maybe the crabs and snails now, others later? I'd get some algae wafers for the crabs, and depending on the snail, seaweed sheets to feed just in case there isn't enough to eat in the tank. I suggest doing some additional research on your marine life. That star...
  19. C

    Mini Star like critter Hitch Hiked on Hammer Coral (Image)

    I love these things, they're adorable. :D
  20. C

    55 gallon tank no more!

    That's infuriating. I've got a few 55 gallons in one room in my completely non first floor apartment. Here's hoping you can change their minds. Ironic that they're alright with a 30 gallon cube that's got a shorter footprint, and would be less likely to go across more floorboards, supporting...
  21. C

    keeping feeder fish as pets!

    I'm one. I keep some comets that used to be feeders. They're perfectly good fish, with plenty of personality.
  22. C

    OH my GOSH!! this just breaks my heart! poor little fish

    Concept and fish aside, those are some really ugly bags that are horribly designed. :|
  23. C


    There's a picture of an Amphipod in my gallery. Does it look anything like that?
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