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  1. FishGeek97


    Welcome!!!!!!! Sounds like you have a good tank, although I agree with Mrc8858, you should definitely go bigger, and get another tank! Try moving onto something more challenging, like a biotope or saltwater! :)
  2. FishGeek97

    Im deffentley a noob with lots or questions

    I think the API kits cost around 30-40$. You can sometimes find them on for cheaper though. Hmmm another filter could be overkill, and youreally don't need to put a lot of oxygen in the water. My fish lived long and happy lives and I didn't add another filter or put extra air...
  3. FishGeek97

    Need some ideas on new fish for my tank.

    According to your knifefish is going to get really big, I really wouldn't add too much more into the tank
  4. FishGeek97

    Need some ideas on new fish for my tank.

    Hmmmmm...Discus? Figure eight puffers? Amazon Leaf Fish?
  5. FishGeek97

    how much to feed my fish?

    NEVER follow the directions on the container, or petsmart. Feeding them as much as they can eat in 5 minutes is WAAAAAY too much! Just sprinkle some food in the tank ONCE a day and make sure all the fish get some. There is no real directions on how much to feed your fish. If you feed them once...
  6. FishGeek97

    Bolivian rams and cockatoo cichlids

    Wow, looks great! good luck!
  7. FishGeek97

    overstocking your tank

    Actually, when I first started the hobby 2 years ago, I added 3 goldfish and two tetras in a 5g! Luckily the guy at the lfs told me I was WAY overstocked! I took the goldfish back and added 3 more tetras.
  8. FishGeek97

    Mudskipper Tank, Volcano Reef Tank, Co2 Planted Amazon Biotope, etc or all of them!

    Ok, I'm going to build a tank, and can't choose between the options! A 55g Mudskipper/figure eight puffer brackish tank A 75g Volcano Reef Tank A 60g Co2 Planted Amazon Biotope A 5g Dwarf Seahorse Tank Or all of them!:brows:
  9. FishGeek97

    Strangest fish set up you know of.

    I remember when i got a 5g two years ago, i knew next to nothing about the hobby! So i added 3 golfish and two tetras. Thank goodness i had a good lfs! the guy told me i was WAY overstocked, and i returned my golfish and got three more tetras.
  10. FishGeek97

    malawi cichlids or co2 planted

    Do both if you can, but I vote for the co2 planted!
  11. FishGeek97

    New 5g

    What about endler's livebearers?
  12. FishGeek97

    Need advice

    You could add fake coral, or put plants in the back.
  13. FishGeek97


  14. FishGeek97


    I don't have an fw tank at the moment, but i found some pretty impressive tanks online, do you want me to post them?
  15. FishGeek97

    Stocking for a 25 gallon!?

    What about a tank with hamster tubes in it? I found this design in the book Aquarium Style: imaginative ideas for creating dream homes for fish-Chris William. It's a pretty awesome tank, and the book has a wole lot other awsome ideas. You should check it out!
  16. FishGeek97

    Stocking for a 25 gallon!?

    That would be beautiful! add lots of hair grass! Oh and instead of rasboras, do rummynose tetras!
  17. FishGeek97

    Stocking for a 25 gallon!?

    A 25 gallon, hmmmm for one of them you could do an amazon biotope. You could add a pair of german blue rams, 4 lemon tetras, and 5 some corydoras catfish. For the second, you could do a livebearer tank with a few guppies, platies, and one molly. you could also add a bristlenose catfish.
  18. FishGeek97

    Stocking question

    What about some pea fuffers? Or a Silver dollar, the silver dollar would look great and go well with your tetras, I'm not sure about the pea puffers with the tetras though. Hope this helps!
  19. FishGeek97

    If you could design any tank....

    C'mon guys! Any ideas?
  20. FishGeek97

    My DIY Reef aquarium

    Hey Guys! I'm planning on making the tank out of starfire glass. What thickness should it be for a tank of 75g, 48"x24"x12"?
  21. FishGeek97

    Please help stocking

    What about discus?
  22. FishGeek97

    Anyone ever order from

    Oh ok, thanks! i guess i'll order from my glass shop then!
  23. FishGeek97

    Anyone ever order from

    Hi, I was looking for glass sheets and came across Has anyone ever ordered glass sheets or aquariums from them? Are they reliable? Thanks!:ermm:
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