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  1. johnsonw2

    Salt mixing

    I did not know that. I've always noticed it mixed fast but for some reason thought it was better to let it mix over night.
  2. johnsonw2

    We're do you buy your salt?

    "A UPS error has delayed delivery. We're adjusting plans and working to deliver your package as quickly as possible."...
  3. johnsonw2

    We're do you buy your salt? has fair prices and free shipping as long as you spend 49 dollars or more. I do feel bad for the delivery person though, must hate carrying those large buckets to the door
  4. johnsonw2


    If you feed him a decent (not crazy amount) of food the day you leave, you shouldn't have a problem
  5. johnsonw2

    What kind of plant is this

    Looks similar to Halimeda but not sure if it is or not Saltwater Aquarium Plants for Marine Reef Aquariums: Halimeda Plant (Algae)
  6. johnsonw2

    Cycling with shrimp help

    Sounds like your cycle is on the right track. You can take the shrimp out.
  7. johnsonw2

    Red Sea test kit question

    Np and good luck hope you beat the bryopsis!
  8. johnsonw2

    Red Sea test kit question

    Try going slower when filling the syringe and make sure the tip is fully submerged. Hope that helps
  9. johnsonw2

    Toadstool mushroom

    Cool good to know! Thanks for the words. :) Heres a picture of the combo rock i bought. So Far so good. Also an updated shot of the back. The toadstools are open just facing straight down. Pictures not the best cause of the blue lights but it works. Not sure if the pictures are working or...
  10. johnsonw2

    Toadstool mushroom

    Thank you, at first I didn't think it had much of a chance but now I'm hopeful for a recovery!
  11. johnsonw2

    Toadstool mushroom

    Thanks for the reply! I will watch it over the course of a few days and comment back any updates
  12. johnsonw2

    Toadstool mushroom

    I just purchased a large reef combo rock a few hours ago. Everything seems to be adjusting except i noticed 3 toadstool mushrooms seem to be in bad shape, if not dead. When i purchased the rock i could not see the opposite side. I acclimated by floating the bag for 20 minutes then did a...
  13. johnsonw2


    I use stop and shop brand minced garlic. Not sure if the brand really matters too much.
  14. johnsonw2

    Replacing female clown

    Thanks for the responses! I will wait a bit before the purchase
  15. johnsonw2

    Replacing female clown

    Fish lights came on in the morning and my female clown wasn't around. After a little investigation I could see a few hermit crabs feasting on my clown hidden deep in the rock work .:( This clown was my most active fish and ate like a champ. Never any sign of illness. I think a hermit crab...
  16. johnsonw2

    Dary's tank!

    Hey Dary, first i'd like to say ive been following this thread for a while now and love your tank. Secondly I too have been using AlgaeFix Marine, for about a month now. I started using after scrapping a build up of brown hair like algae off my back glass. I tried siphoning all the algae up...
  17. johnsonw2

    New reef tank

    Is that a giant feather duster? Very cool
  18. johnsonw2

    Taotronics LED ?'s

    Came with a hanging kit that is too short to be hung from a ceiling. I used the hanging kit it came with plus an addition couple feet of thin metal wire. Worked out well
  19. johnsonw2

    Taotronics LED ?'s

    I have one unit hung 14" above my 36" long tank. With the lights running at 40% or higher the whole tank is lit up. Under 40% the sides are on the dim side. I believe one unit is enough. Here's a pic of my tank for an idea
  20. johnsonw2

    Best t5 lights?

    I came across this link a while ago, don't remember where i saw it but maybe it will help you out. Reef Aquarium Lighting - Lamps and lamp combinations
  21. johnsonw2

    Hammer Coral

    hmmm he did call them toxic spill hammers
  22. johnsonw2

    Hammer Coral

    Just bought a hammer coral and some of the tips dont have the green color that the rest do. Is this normal or should I be concerned. I just added it to my tank about an hr ago so i think it was like that when i bought it. Its on my sand bed now with 120W full spectrum LEDs. Is this a matter of...
  23. johnsonw2

    maroon clown fish, is he sick?

    Make sure you have enough surface agitation for oxygen to get into the water. or could just be a clown bein a clown
  24. johnsonw2

    Refreeze Mysis?

    I don't think so
  25. johnsonw2

    water change and nitrates

    Those levels of nitrate sound fine to me. I wouldn't worry about it. Also I believe it's safe to do numerous water changes without ill effects as long as the salinity and temperature match.
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