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  1. roundar


    Maybe I'm misreading something, but 46 watts over a 20g is not low lighting imo. That's in the medium range, even over a tall.
  2. roundar

    Phish Photographer

    marklaita This photographer is insane... I just stumbled on the website today from a news story(the photographer was bit by a black mamba, but is ok.) The link goes directly to the pictures of fish, but all his photo's are excellent.
  3. roundar

    DHMO in Aquaria and the Facts

    Ziggs, "Historically, the dangers of DHMO, for the most part, have been considered minor and manageable. While the more significant dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide are currently addressed by a number of agencies including FDA, FEMA and CDC, public awareness of the real and daily dangers of...
  4. roundar

    DHMO in Aquaria and the Facts

    There are several names for Dihydrogen Monoxide: Dihydrogen Oxide, Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydronium Hydroxide, or you may know it by another name. I believe that hydric acid is the most appropriate name. You can call it a war resolution device, but it's still an atom bomb; similarly, hydric acid...
  5. roundar

    Anybody else get confused?

    It's really a matter of taste. Many people want it to look somewhat realistic with plants and a few fish that have plenty of room to swim without bumping into each other. That said, there are obviously some very nice looking tanks with tons of fish. The other thing though is that information...
  6. roundar

    Anybody else get confused?

    It kinda sounds like you're talking about the inch per gallon rule... Most people on the forum have acknowledged the absurdity of that "rule of thumb." Edit: Also, some people see heavily stocked tanks the same way they see blue gravel and treasure boxes.
  7. roundar

    DHMO in Aquaria and the Facts

    I'm surprised to see you opposing a ban on such a chemical, but I'll be happy to address these issues. No conclusive evidence? Not to seem contradictary, but I can quickly find cases where relatively moderate quantities have caused asphixia in babies and even small children. Keep in mind...
  8. roundar

    DHMO in Aquaria and the Facts

    DHMO in Aquaria and the Facts I wanted to take a minute to present everyone with a bit of information they may not have heard elsewhere. Dangerous pollutants are simply a part of the 21st century, but there is one particularly dangerous chemical I wanted to direct your attention to: Dihydrogen...
  9. roundar

    175 dollar lucky buy!

    Pictures. Pictures. Pictures. :) Nice find!
  10. roundar

    Where to get good price on tank?

    Remember to be patient. When using craigslist many people think their tank is worth what they payed for it brand new. They also think their pink rocks and plastic plants add value to the setup. If you're patient you can find deals of varying quality depending on your area. For instance, in...
  11. roundar

    5g tank stock

    If you're willing to spend like $40+ you can get some pretty insane bettas. e.g.,
  12. roundar

    5g tank stock

    Betta, some shrimp, and a couple plants, no AFD(IMO). It's 5g, keep that in mind.
  13. roundar

    Do you like HOB or Canister filters for your aquarium?

    I'm really surprised it's 11 - 15. There's really no comparison: canisters will always be quieter, they aren't as visible,and they don't take up space behind the tank. I think HOB's are fine for some situations, especially when money is tight, or when the visual of the top of the tank is...
  14. roundar

    Ammonia problem

    The first question asked should have been, What's your pH and water temp? EDIT: I may not read the response, so I'll just say that if your water temp is as high(I expect somewhere in the range of 76-80, making toxic ammonia even lower) as 85, and your pH is at or below 7.7, don't worry about...
  15. roundar

    Importance of water temp during PWC

    Yes, the "Anti-python" argument as I like to call it, ... doesn't hold water... Sorry.
  16. roundar

    Weak Siphon

    Astute conclusion. :D It's simply a matter of how high your sink compared to your tank. If for instance, you ran it into a basement sink, you would probably start sucking up your fish. o.O
  17. roundar

    Weak Siphon

    Technically once the siphon is started, you don't have to have any water running to pull it, unless it's for extra "suckability."(in which case I really do think you'll fair better by running the hose outside.) For one tank, this is probably just fine, but anyone with a bunch of tanks will...
  18. roundar

    Weak Siphon

    A longer hose dropped out your window would do well depending on window height etc.
  19. roundar

    my Pleco...... RocksAnn

    20g obviously won't be big enough for a common pleco, and I won't be the last poster to say that. But it looks good.
  20. roundar

    My petco has stopped stocking common plecos!

    The question should be, why haven't they done it already. 95% of their customers don't have the space for them. With the variaty of fish that stay small enough for most peoples 10g's, fish that get as big as the common pleco should be left to local fish stores. The common pleco shouldn't be a...
  21. roundar

    Split Photoperiod

    Perhaps algae begins to die, or starts a process that hinders growth, before plants in the dark. So plants are never "starting to die" or triggering a process that hinders growth simply because they are exposed to a few hours of darkness, whereas perhaps algae does. I would agree too that a...
  22. roundar

    Naming Fish?

    Mike Honcho.
  23. roundar

    Question for a Salted Guppy Tank...

    0tsp/5g I know you said avoid posting if you don't agree with the salt thing, but I think it's kinda like saying "I need a sensible way to do something that makes no sense." -IMO- Just FYI, "Anecdote" doesn't necessarily have anything to do with being funny.
  24. roundar

    New fish!

    edit: joke-got it :facepalm: I like Congo Tetras a lot.
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