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  1. absolutangel04

    Tank Stocking Suggestions

    20g long or 20g high? Sounds like a bit much for a 20g high, especially since your livebearers will likely be reproducing. I would cut back a bit, at least to start with. Also, mystery snails are serious poop factories. Start with 1 or 2.
  2. absolutangel04

    Constipated Betta

    The point of the pea is to get the poop going. If the poop is already going, there is really no need for the pea. I would just keep fasting until he has pooped himself back to normal size. I know a lot of people do a pea as part of the diet routine. I have never bothered. I don't feed bettas...
  3. absolutangel04

    Constipated Betta

    Good luck. Feel free to post again if you have more questions. going forward, make sure to feed less. Bettas are very prone to bloating and are sensitive to over feeding. Additionally, soak those freeze dried blood worms before feeding and feed less regular food if you will be feeding the blood...
  4. absolutangel04

    Pearl Gourami Tank Mates

    I second this. Additionally, most any rasbora and many different tetras would be fine. there are too many options to count really. If you want a more accessible ( probably cheaper) alternative to chilis, harlequin rasboras, ember tetras, or rummy nose tetras are all nice, calm choices that won't...
  5. absolutangel04

    Constipated Betta

    That is quite a case of bloat. First off, I would start fasting him for a few days. If he seems like he has an appetite, you can try feeding him a single blanched pea (using frozen is fine, don't use canned because of the added salt). See how those options work out. Just a heads up, keep an eye...
  6. absolutangel04

    What fish should I add to my tank?

    What coral bandit said. Introducing more angels is sketchy. I would just buy another tank. Trust me, it is always the answer. ;) Or, you could trade in your existing angel and start over again with smaller ones. Or, ditch the angels altogether and go with an oddball tank. If your angel is has a...
  7. absolutangel04

    transitioning from cichlid to general tank

    Personally, I would drain the tank and let it stand empty for a bit to kill of anything living in it in addition to cleaning it well. You can pull out the filter media to keep alive so you don't have to start from scratch with a cycle, or you can scrap the whole thing and do a new cycle once you...
  8. absolutangel04

    Keeping Filament barbs

    If you have space for another tank, just set up a second tank for the filament barbs. Trust me, more tanks is ALWAYS the answer.
  9. absolutangel04

    Keeping Filament barbs

    Some barb species are more feisty/nippy than others. I have not kept filaments, but have experience with multiple other barbs. Personally, I would just rehome them and get a few more of the less nippy barbs. Sometimes, if you get enough more of the same species they will be too occupied with...
  10. absolutangel04

    Confusing deaths

    For what its worth, my experiences with Asian stone cat from multiple sources always include random deaths. They seem to come in either predetermined to die within a couple months, or to be the hardiest fish alive and live forever. They also need highly oxygenated water in order to thrive.
  11. absolutangel04

    Dwarf gourami with lump on side

    I doubt it is constipation. I would guess maybe internal bacterial infection of some sort. I would treat with a broad spectrum antibiotic and see if that helps. It could be a tumor, but the changing appearance doesn't seem conducive to that. Just a heads up, dwarf gourami tend to have a lot of...
  12. absolutangel04

    Betta sorority

    Depends. You already know the bit about making sure you have space and ample hiding places for the fish. What other fish are in the community? You mentioned bloodfin tetras. Many sorority keepers have some sort of small schooling fish like tetras in with their sororities as dither fish. If it...
  13. absolutangel04

    Frantic guppies

    Just so you know, you will want the testers for all three stages of the ammonia cycle. The liquid kits are more accurate, but also a lot pricier. Just make sure to keep on top of testing. That aquascape looks pretty good, at least for a starter. Hopefully your guppies chill out.
  14. absolutangel04

    Ramshorn Snail Attack

    I personally have never seen that. But, snails are pretty opportunistic. If a cory sat still long enough to get munched, I would have to wonder if there was something internally wrong that the snail could smell.
  15. absolutangel04

    Frantic guppies I suggest reading through a few of these articles about getting started. They are pretty helpful! Pet stores are notorious for telling people the wrong info about cycling. Since you have...
  16. absolutangel04

    Baby snails in tank, no new plants?

    Pond snails. They can hitch a ride on plants and go unnoticed for quite awhile. Over feeding makes them more prolific.
  17. absolutangel04

    New stocking ideas. Please help.

    Honestly, most of those readily available schooling fish can adapt pretty readily to just about any reasonable water parameters. I have overall had excellent luck with black neons. I have lost a couple over the years, but not many. A lot of it depends on the stock you get. A couple other...
  18. absolutangel04

    can i keep endler guppies with a male betta

    I don't suggest it. Guppies (and the flashy Endler's) are generally bad tankmates for betta. Betta do have varied personalities and some will be more aggressive than others for sure, but tankmates with flowy fins and bright colors tend to push that boundary more and many bettas who would...
  19. absolutangel04

    Just fat or perhaps parasites?

    Considering how far back on the tail that is, it is not from over eating. Unfortunately, I am not sure what it is... Maybe a weirdly proportionate tumor? Maybe some sort of internal bacterial causing swelling? If it was me, I might try doing a run of a full spectrum antibiotic to see if any...
  20. absolutangel04

    What is this

    The calcium in the water is not harmful to fish. I have a similar issue with build-up on my tanks and equipment. Other than it being ugly, I have never found had any issues with it. I have found that most captive bred fish (and frankly, the vast majority of readily available wild caught fish)...
  21. absolutangel04

    Pregnant platy & buried alive ghost shrimp

    Keep en eye on your water parameters, but a ghost shrimp isn't really big enough to wreak havoc on your tank if it dies and decays. It was more likely eaten though if it disappeared. Your platy is indeed gravid. If you have a female platy, you can pretty much be assured it has little ones...
  22. absolutangel04

    Need help with Angel fish

    Fish can vomit for similar reasons to any other animal vomiting. Clearly there is an issue, but it could be a coincidence that it is happening after the lid fell. Any chance the fish rammed the glass in fright? Maybe neurological damage? Or, if is is unrelated he may have eaten too much in the...
  23. absolutangel04

    Which pleco to get?

    Very cool. I have never kept one of those. Get some pictures if you can!
  24. absolutangel04

    Which pleco to get?

    There are several different plecos called "gold nugget." See if you can find the L number. They can reach a good 9 inches plus, so I don't think they are a good candidate for a 20g tank but if you can find out the L number of the species you will be able to get more exact info. I have kept...
  25. absolutangel04

    Some New Fish

    Your options are pretty extensive. You could certainly up your x ray tetra school to like 10 and then look into a few friendly bottom feeders and a centerpiece fish or 2. The most common community friendly bottom feeders are cories. Personally, I am more into small loach species like the yoyo or...
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