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  1. MDChurch

    New fella from OH

    Welcome from another Ohioan. After 40 years of freshwater, I am in my 3rd year of salt and lovin it, and learning more and more every day. Good luck
  2. MDChurch Good or bad?

    I have been using Pet Solutions now for about 3 years and they are a very reputable company. Sometimes their prices on certain items can be high, you just have to shop around.. Their customer service is great, and they even call me and let me know when I get an item backordered and they let me...
  3. MDChurch

    TDS out of your tap

    Here in Strongsville, Ohio out of the tap yesterday was 130
  4. MDChurch

    Wanted: 40gal. breeder drilled or not

    I am in Strongsville, Ohio Suburb of Cleveland and I am looking for a 40gal. breeder tank. Would love to have one drilled but if I can find one not drilled I can use that too. Will pick up locally or near locally. Within an hours drive away. Thanks
  5. MDChurch

    Free: Free for the taking

    A thank you to anyone that looked. A thank you very much to Bigfish99 for taking everything I was offering so the tank and free fish are all gone.
  6. MDChurch

    Free: Free for the taking

    The only problem with not having the canister filter would be the in line heater. Without the return line you would have to figure a way to plumb in the in line heater. It is the Hydor in line external heater, and it works great. I love the fact that the heater does not need to be in the...
  7. MDChurch

    Free: Free for the taking

    Over the years I have gotten alot of free fish from different people so this is just my way of giving it back. I would rather give them to someone who wants the fish than try to sell them.
  8. MDChurch

    Free: Free for the taking

    In all there is around 30 to 40 guppies and I have a few platys (sunburst) that can go also. In the 20long there is a piece of driftwood that a bunch of kuhli loaches live in and you can have that also. I am more or less cleaning out all of the freshwater fish.
  9. MDChurch

    Free: Free for the taking

    Okay lets see how this works out. These pics are not the greatest cause I hurried to get you something. This is the tank and the guppies.
  10. MDChurch

    Free: Free for the taking

    I work thrid shift so I spent most of the day today trying to get some sleep. I'll get out the camera in a short while and get a pic of the tank up a little later. I'll try to get a pic of the fish but some of them may be too small to get a decent pic, but I'll try. I'll post them as soon as...
  11. MDChurch

    Free: Free for the taking

    I am in the Cleveland, Ohio area in Strongsville. I have a bunch, I mean a bunch of guppy fry about 3 to 4 months old now that I need to get rid of. They are some half blacks, some with black and a little red. Anyone in the local area are welcome to pm me if they want them and make...
  12. MDChurch

    See-through mushy tube?

    Ha Ha thats funny cause I lost mine too!! It drifted onto a red mushroom and the mushroom closed up over it and ate it so its gone. Oh well it was cool while it lasted. Very strange little creatures!!
  13. MDChurch

    See-through mushy tube?

    Might be a peanut worm. I have one in my tank that sometimes streches out about 3 inches long, grabs something to eat off of a rock and then goes back to normal size. It's weird cause whatever it eats you can see it travel down through the body. Harmless worm though. Mine has been around for...
  14. MDChurch

    Royal gramma

    Sorry for your loss. They are usually a fairly hardy fish so maybe he was sick when you got him.
  15. MDChurch

    Protein skimmer hasnt produced anything in 7 days.

    The hose you are talking about is the overflow hose on the collection cup. You can add to it and run it to a container in case the skimmer ever overflows it won't end up on your floor. Not all skimmers have them. Mine is an Esopp's skimmer and it has a hose like the one you are talking about...
  16. MDChurch

    Royal gramma

    If you have other fish in the tank he may feel threatened. He really should be in a QT for awhile. Mine lays down sideways in the corner right against the glass when I do water changes then right after he's out front and running around like "hey what are you doing in my house?" If he is new...
  17. MDChurch

    Show me your platy's

    The platys in my video are almost 5 years old and they have had fry six times in the past. I think the one male must have worn himself out cause they have not had any in the last 8 or 9 months now.
  18. MDChurch

    Show me your platy's

    Here's mine.
  19. MDChurch

    API Rena Filstar Canister Filter?

    I have 2 of the xp1 filters and an xp3, all of them are about 5 years old and still are running like new ones. Very dependable. I would still be very aware of what you are getting with a used one. I think I would want to see it in operation on a tank before buying that way you could check...
  20. MDChurch

    royal gramma is hiding near surface of tank

    Good to hear, he should be fine just has to map out his territory. If he's anything like mine he'll be all over your tank in no time. They are a beautiful fish with great personality once they get settled.
  21. MDChurch

    Fluval FX5 Scared of canister filters...Help?!?

    go to Drs. Foster and Smith site and in the search look at fluval fx5 and you can down load full instructions for it. Should tell you how to arrange all of your media and such. Hope this helps.
  22. MDChurch

    royal gramma is hiding near surface of tank

    make sure you have plenty of rock for him to hide in and sleep in at night. Be sure you don't have any other aggressive fish with him to stress him out. He'll hide for awhile until he gets used to new surroundings. here is mine
  23. MDChurch


    I started out a year ago with screened and washed play sand and it was the biggest mistake I ever made. For almost the entire year I battled cyano, and hair algae. Tried every remedy in the book to get rid of it and could'nt. Finally got rid of the play sand and switched to aragonite sand and...
  24. MDChurch

    Aquaclear 50 or 70???

    I'm running an AC50 on a 10gal guppy tank with no problems and water is crystal.
  25. MDChurch

    Protein Skimmer help - Seaclone 100

    I had a seaclone 100 and ditched it for an esopps sk-100. Been running about a year. Love it. HOB,external pump, and it works great.
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