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    Fry tanks

    I recently got a betta falls 3 section aquarium. I want to use it for fry until they can either go in my main tank or to new homes. (Molly and guppy fry). Does anyone have any experience with this tank? Do you think it would be okay for the fry until they are big enough to go in with adult fish...
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    Normal look?

    Back again with another live bearer pregnancy question. I have 3 Dalmatian Mollys that are new. I’ve had them about 2 weeks. They are quite larger than my other 2 Mollys… like twice their size. Are they this big because they are old? Is this big belly normal for them? Or is she pregnant? All 3...
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    Pregnant guppy

    Could anyone tell me if this guppy is close to giving birth. I want to keep some of the fry but I’m not planning on putting her in a breeding box so I’ve currently just been stalking her waiting to catch some fry and want to know if she still has a few weeks left or if we’re down to a few days...
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    Black Molly white spots?

    Can anyone identify what this is? Just noticed these white spots today. I’ve seen random spots on the two black Mollys before that have gone away within a day of me seeing a spot. I’ve never seen more than one odd looking spot and nothing like this yet. 30g tank. 2 black Molly. 3 platys. 2 cory...
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