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    Members SW Tanks

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    Members FW Tanks

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    Labyrinth fish (Bettas/Gouramis)

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    Bottom feeders (plecos/cats/loaches)

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    My Clown Loach the Comedian

    I've never heard my clown click that I know of. When/why do they do that? -j
  7. H

    New to Virginia but not the hobby.

    Which part of Virginia? Welcome to Aquarium Advice! -j
  8. H

    My Clown Loach the Comedian

    Yours actually come out to play? :) I came here just now to post about clown loaches. The one I've had for the longest is about 6 inches long, and he always stays hidden. Well, as hidden as he can be. I just put three more babies from quarantine into the display tank, and the original...
  9. H

    Does fish food go bad?

    It was open. I can't really judge the smell because that stuff always smells. :) -j
  10. H

    Does fish food go bad?

    I was organizing my gear now that I have a nice stand with cabinets to put it in, and I found a can of freeze dried blood worms that I picked up a while back. I'm wondering if this stuff goes bad. Should I just pitch it, or is it cool to feed it? The manufacturer date on the label says 1996...
  11. H

    Best way to clean out old tank?

    Yup. I had a really really nasty 55 that had calcium deposits and algae and all kinds of nastiness. I use roughly a 50/50 vinegar/water mixture and a clean rag that I only use for the tanks. Gets it right off. Just rinse it out really well when you're done. -j
  12. H

    Zoanthid? Coral?

    What's funny is those bottom pics look almost nothing like what the original pics made it look like. :) -j
  13. H

    Mystery spawn - a pistol shrimp?

    It definitely looks like a shrimp, but I can't say whether or not it's a pistol. Regardless, those are awesome photos! -j
  14. H

    High GH

    I've read that GH isn't as important as KH, but I'm gonna ask anyway. I was all about my tanks last night. I added 2 angels to my freshwater setup and got some new zoos for my reef, and I had planned a water change anyway. I pulled out the ol' test kit and decided to check the reef. Everything...
  15. H

    cpr bakpak2 reef ready help

    I have one too. The only problem I have is every few months salt builds up in the air line where it attaches to the pump and eventually blocks the air, which then doesn't allow bubbles to be made. That might be part of regular maintenance though.
  16. H


    That's not the only reason. Especially for swing-arm hydrometers, if they're not cleaned the reading can be way off, and can't usually be calibrated. Refractometers can be easily calibrated and are very accurate. -j
  17. H

    Little parasites on my fish

    Without a pic it's hard to tell, but I had isopods in my tank, and I saw one attach itself to my Citron Goby once. I don't remember what I did to get him off, but eventually it fell off. Here's one on a fish Another, not on a fish Hope you get this figured out. -j
  18. H

    Help me lower my nitrates...

    What kind of timeline are we talking about? When did you start the cycle, how long did it take to finish, how long before you did the 50% water change, and how long since the change? -j
  19. H

    pic of 10 gal start

    Sounds like you're pretty stoked about getting this tank up...I can totally appreciate that. I posted a picture of my almost naked tank right after I set it up (which was, coincidentally, a 10 gallon nano). Be sure to post more as you get it going. And get that cycle going soon so the...
  20. H

    Quick question- What corals are fast spreading and easy?

    green star polyps is probably what you're looking for. They (and xenia) seem to like moderate flow, plus they look cool in flow. On my tank I have 65W PC, and they seem to be doing really well. The GSP would look much greener under stronger lights though (I'm working on it). My mushrooms are...
  21. H

    What would cuase a Snail shell to be cut in half? (pics)

    You might have a mantis and not know it. Plus, they can be small and do a (relatively) lot of damage. -j
  22. H

    Water flow problem

    With such a large tank, you could have a couple powerheads in there. In my 10 gallon I have two, one in each corner, blowing to the opposite corner (if I would draw the flow, it would look like an X). Do check about cyano though. If it has bubbles on it, it's probably cyanobacteria. If it is...
  23. H


    Well, peppermints are kinda cheap, but I also didn't have luck with them eating my aiptasia. I used the syringe pasty stuff. -j
  24. H

    To Loach or not to Loach

    I love clowns too! Get clowns! -j
  25. H

    Looking to do a Nano Reef

    I don't really know what a FO tank is like, but I can tell you about my nano. A year and some change ago I set up a 10 gallon nano. I have about 15-20 lbs LR and coral. I don't have fish right now, but I did. The cost isn't that can probably find the rock for under 100. I have a...
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